Friday, September 30, 2011

Trend to Try: Reverse Smokey Eye

Along with the new season comes new trends in clothes, shoes, hair, and most importantly MAKEUP!  Want to know the makeup trends you should be looking for and trying this fall and winter?  Perfect!  You've come to the right place! I'm going to be posting the makeup trends I'm excited about wearing this season along with pictures of how I would rock it, and of course helpful tips and tricks for you so you can recreate the look yourself.    

Today is going to be all about the "reverse smokey eye" (aka upside-down smokey).  It's exactly what it sounds like.  All the smokeyness in the look is along the bottom lash line instead of the top..."business on top, party on the bottom" LOL!  Not only is this look a fun and fresh take on the traditional smokey eye (which will NEVER go out of style), it's also very easy to recreate!

Here's how the look appeared on the runways:

love the navy

more traditional silvery/black smokey
Here's how I would wear the look:

I choose a dark green to create my reverse smokey.

Be sure to keep the lid nice and simple.

I really like this color combo!  Colors I used are in the tips below.

  • To avoid major fallout do your eyes first!  That way you clean up underneath your eyes THEN apply your foundation and concealer.  We want it to be smokey not raccoon-y after all. 
  • To keep the smokey color under your eyes in place, line your lower lash line with a pencil first as a base, then press the shadow overtop with an angled or pencil brush.
  • Keep your lids light and natural.  Think golds, silvers, tans and other neutral colors.  If you choose to use a color do a light washes of it over the whole lid.  If you go too dark, it's going to turn into more of a traditional smokey eye.  I choose a purply/grey color for my lid (Scene by MAC).
  • Avoid applying liner to your top lash line.  If you feel like you just can't skip that step try pressing a black shadow into the lash line with a stiff angle brush.  Or wear your invisible eyeliner!
  • Want to make the look more dramatic?  Add some glitter to the lid and some fake lashes!
  • Try using a variety of colors on the bottom to add the smokeyness.  Navy, black, brown, purple, and garnets would all be great!  Here I used a dark green (Club by MAC) closest to the lash line then a lighter green (Olive by MAC) to soften and blend out the edge.  
  • The look on the runway had fresh dewy skin and nude lips.  Try tinted moisturizers or light coverage foundations to achieve the look (here I used MAC Face and Body foundation).  I also ran a little bronzer through the back of my cheeks, and applied a cream blush on the apples for a hint of color. 
  • As always do what you want!  Make the look as clean or smokey as you like.  You can even play with different lip colors; I think it would look awesome with a bright lips!
Product you should try:  The herbal lip slix by Palladio which is what I used for this look in the shade "naked."  You can buy Palladio products at Sally's and other beauty stores. The lip slix are described as "lip gloss crayons" and are super easy to use.  Since they are in pencil form you just draw them on!  I think they're great and I can't wait to try more colors!

Do you like this makeup trend?  Do you think you'll try it?  Let me know what you think.  If you try it out I'd love to see it!  Post a picture on my facebook page riiiiiight here:

For the love of beauty and trendy makeup, 
...Casey B

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lash Out

Question:  Should I curl my lashes before or after I have applied mascara?  
Great question!  The answer is…it depends J Sometimes I curl my lashes before mascara and others afterwards, depending on the affect I’m trying to give them. Keep reading for more of an explanation throughout the post—especially in the “tricks” section! 

Isn't curling your lashes bad for them?
If you curl your lashes properly you have nothing to worry about.  First thing you need to do is find the eyelash curler that works best for you.  It should fit the shape of your eye (some are more rounded then others, depending on your eye shape this could work better for you) and NEVER pull or snag your eyelashes.  If this occurs, throw it away and look for a new one.  You can find tons of curlers at your local drug stores, Walmart, Target etc., for just a few bucks.

How to curl your eyelashes properly:
You want to curl in two to three sections (depending on the length of your lashes):  
1.     at the base of your lashes, as far down as you can go
2.     in the middle of your lashes
3.     at the top of your lashes
For each section you should squeeze the curler tightly and hold for 5-7 seconds.  Do not pull on your lashes while curling them, and leave the curler stationary.  Curling the lashes in 2-3 sections will help to give a beautiful curve to the lashes without any “corners.”

**Curling your lashes is the easiest and quickest thing you can do to make your eyes appear more open and awake in the mornings!  You shouldn’t be skipping this step, ladies!**

Applying mascara:
Start by applying your favorite mascara into the root of your lashes (wiggling it in a bit) then pulling it through to the ends.  You also want to pull your lashes in different directions: the outside corners go out, the middle lashes go straight up, and the inside corners go in towards your nose.  This gives your lashes a fanned-out look.  

If you are one of those who tend to get the mascara everywhere except on your lashes, here are a few cleanup tips just for you:

1.     Do you get mascara on your lids when applying it to your bottom lashes?  Do your bottom lashes first!  Or make sure you allow the top lashes time to dry completely before applying mascara to the bottom.
2.     If you do get mascara on your eye lids, allow it to dry completely the rub a clean q-tip over top to remove the mascara and not the shadow underneath.
3.     Did you just poke the mascara wand into the side of your nose, again?!  No worries.  Take a little moisturizer on a q-tip and simply rub it away.  It doesn’t remove the foundation or concealer like an eye makeup remover would.  After that just re-powder the small area and you are good to go!
4.     Are you a waterproof mascara junkie?  If you are using waterproof mascara daily, remove it properly and completely each night.  DO NOT PULL IT OFF (gross) or leave it on your lashes overnight.  Your lashes need to breathe too!  Use an oil based eye makeup remover and some cotton pads for quick and easy removal.    

Now we know the proper way to curl our lashes, apply our mascara, and what to do in a mascara emergency.   Time to learn some insider tricks!  Here are 5 quick mascara tricks to help you take control of your lashes once and for all!

1.     Want longer lashes?
There are tons of products you can buy to help your lashes grow.  Most are extremely expensive, require a prescription, or list terrible side effects that (in my opinion) aren’t worth it.  However, I have found the solution…RapidLash.  It was in my random favorites post, and for good reason: It’s my little miracle product!  Give it about 8 weeks, and you will have your longest lashes yet.  And for $28 what do you have to lose? (want more info on RapidLash? click here)

2.     Have you curled your eyelashes a million times and they’re STILL pointing straight down?
Just like some lashes naturally have mega curl to them (trust me some do…I’ve seen them.  LUCKY!), others naturally point down (Asian lashes).  Here’s a little trick that can help.  Heat your eyelash curler with your hair dryer for about 10-15 seconds.  Check the temperature of the curler on your wrist to make sure it’s not too hot, then curl your lashes.  Reheat your curler when needed to get your lashes completely curled then apply your mascara.  Only use a heated curler on lashes WITHOUT mascara (heat can melt your mascara on your lashes).  You can also buy heated eyelash curlers in stores like Sephora, Ulta, and varies online beauty stores.  Or you can do it the free way! J

curled with heat and two coats of mascara

3.     Do you want to add volume to your lashes?  Who doesn’t?!  Use a waterproof and non-waterproof mascara together!  Here’s the process:  Apply a thin coat of waterproof mascara to your lashes.  Let it try for a minute, then curl your lashes (do not heat your lash curler here since you already have product on your lashes).  Then apply a good coat or two of regular mascara.  Waterproof mascara holds curl better then non-waterproof, and using both formulas together works miracles for your lashes.  (I use this trick when I'm going out instead of wearing fake lashes!)

Instant volume, right?!

4.  Do you need thicker lashes and NOW?
No problem!  Just apply some invisible eyeliner.  Invisible eyeliner—how’s that for a trick?!  It’s also called tight lining your eye, which means you apply eyeliner along your upper water line.  It gives the lash base a thicker look instantly!  Plus it’s quicker to do then traditional eyeliner (which works too!) since you don’t have to worry about being exact or neat with it! 

Subtle difference, but definietly worth it!

5.     Have you tried all of the tricks listed above and your lashes STILL need help?
There’s always a solution ladies.  Purchase yourself some fake lashes!  Quick, instant, and painless these babies are always perfect.  There are tons of styles: half strips, full strips, and individual lashes.  Look around and pick out your perfect pair!

Are these your perfect pair?

*what mascara did I use?  click here*

For the love of beauty and luscious lashes,
...Casey B

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sumer Lovin' Part 4

Here is the last post for my summer lovin' series.  I've talked about the products I used all summer when it came to my makeup, my skin, and my hair.  Now here are a few things that didn't really fit into any of those categories, but I still wanted to show them some love!

These are the cute lil Birchboxes!

What: my birchbox subscription
Wallet: $10.00/month or a one year subscription for $110.00
Where to sign up:
Why I’m lovin’ it: You’re probably thinking, “What they hay is a Birchbox?!”  Here’s the description from straight from their website:
Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with 4-5 beauty samples from luxury brands. Each month will include a different mix of product types, including makeup, skincare, fragrance, body, and hair care. All samples are generously sized, with enough product to allow you to figure out if they’re right for you. You’ll also want to take advantage of, which is packed with all the beauty information and tips you need, including expert interviews, helpful tutorials, and fun videos.”
You feel out a beauty profile when you create your account, which allows the Birchbox team to customize your samples each month to ensure it’s a product you are interested in.  I know it says “samples” but don’t be fooled—I’ve received full size products on numerous occasions!  In one box I got the full size Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten which would cost me $31.00, BUT it was in my box with other samples for a total of $10.00!! HECK YEA!  I don’t see myself cancelling my subscription anytime soon! LOVE THIS!
What: Forever21 Store
Wallet: CHEAP (in the good way)
Where: Columbiana Mall
Yayy! Finally!!!!!
Why I’m lovin’ it:  Really?  Do I have to explain?  It’s extremely cute clothing for an extremely reasonable price, AND not to mention the jewelry!  Omg, the jewelry… I’d much rather buy clothing in a store to make sure I get the right size (plus you get to wear your clothing right then--no waiting for packages!)  

There are tons of gel nail polish brands, but I've been using Gelish.
What: Gel Nail Polish Manicures
Wallet: My mom, sister, and I went in together and purchased all the products needed to do our own gel nail polish manicures at home!  Spending about $80 each (about $240 total) upfront to buy all the supplies has definitely paid off quick since we haven’t been spending the $25-$35.00 every other week at the nail salon!  (Want to know what you’ll need, where to buy it, or how to do it?  Just ask!)
 Where:  At home or in your local nail salon (Sally’s is carrying the Gelish nail polishes now as well!)
Why I’m lovin’ it: Yes, the manicures stay shiny and chip free for 2 weeks (or more depending on how rough you are on your nails) but my favorite part? The extra strength it gives my usually brittle nails!  My nails have never been longer or looked better thanks to the gel nail polish.  Also, there is no damage to your nail itself buy wearing the polish.  Meaning when you take the polish off your nails, they are as smooth as they were before!  BONUS: Doing the manicures at home gives you creative freedom (add glitters, pigments, mix colors etc.) for no extra charge!  Score!

What: RapidLash
Wallet: $28.00 (last about 3 months)
I’ve also heard it’s available in CVS and Target—I just haven’t seen it in the ones I usually go to
Why I love it: This has truly made my lashes grow!  I started using it in May and it took about 6 weeks for me to really see some growth, and after 8 weeks my lashes were noticeably longer.  I usually love wearing fake lashes for going out/special occasions but I’ve been able to skip them lately!  I just add some extra coats of mascara and I’m good to go!  No prescription needed and I’ve had no side effects other than longer lashes!  It's been AWESOME!!

What: AWAKE by All New Badges
Wallet: $7.92 
Where: iTunes
Why I’m lovin’ it:  Because they are an AWESOME pop-rock band from my home town!  Other than that I have no other connection to the band.  Swear.

and their ReverbNation page:

With that I have concluded my summer lovin' series! Yayyy!!! I have some great post coming up, including more makeup mini tutorials.  So if you liked my contouring post keep checking back. Thanks for following! :)

For the love of beauty and hot drummers (don't get this reference?  check out the band links above), 
...Casey B

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer Lovin' Part 3

Almost everything about summer can be hard on your hair: heat, chlorine from the pool, the tanning bed, and not to mention all of the heat tools we use on our hair for all the summer parties!  Here are a few of my favorite hair products that helped to keep my hair healthy all summer long!

What: Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish + Condition Leave-In Treatment
Wallet: $6-8.00
Where to buy: Your local drug store
Why I’m lovin’ it:   This makes my hair feel so soft!  I spray it through the ends of my hair right out of the shower.  It doesn’t matter if I’m letting it air dry or putting heat on, this goes in first.  For an extra bonus it helps get rid of knots to minimize pulling and breaking of my hair when brushing or blow drying.  (TIP: tanning beds can really damage your hair (and not to mention your skin!) so spritz some of this through the ends before getting in the bed to keep your hair from drying out, or wrap your hair in a towel.) 

What: Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil
Wallet: $68.00 (depending where you purchase)
I received this as a gift for my birthday (I have the sample size that came in a Birchbox my sister gave me for my birthday!  Not familiar with—it will be one of my “random summer favorites” in the next post!)—but you can probably find it cheaper on or other websites.  Just google “Shu Umera hair oil.”  I found a cheaper alternative I like just as much at TJ Maxx for $8.00, can't beat that!  It's the  Peter Coppola Aragon Oil Treatment.
Why I’m lovin it:  Don't freak out about putting oil in your hair!  Adding oil to the ends of your hair is one of the healthiest things you can do for it!  It helps strengthen your hair, smoothes frizzies, and helps prevent split ends.  I put this through the ends of my hair after styling (curly or straight).  It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave my hair looking or feeling greasy, just healthy.  Perfect!  (TIPS:  Avoid the grease-ball look by putting the oil through the ends of your hair only—don’t go near that scalp.)

What: velcro rollers
Wallet: $10-25.00 depending on size and quantities
Where to buy: Your local drug store/Walmart/Sally’s etc.
Why I love it:  My hair is on the thinner side and I personally believe the old southern saying “the bigger the hair, the closer to God” so I’m always looking for more volume.  The 2” rollers give my hair the extra volume I’m wanting and fast!  If you put them in as you are drying your hair, you don’t need to use additional heat (straightener or curling iron) when styling because the heat from the hair dryer is perfect for setting the hair on the rollers.  Your hair will thank you!   (TIP: I use the Conair Roller Pins (they are like oversized bobbi pins) to keep the rollers secure.  You can find them for a few dollars anywhere you purchase your velcro rollers.  Plus, you don’t have to roll your whole head.  Use 4-5 of the 2” rollers around the crown of your head for quick and instant volume.)
Reminder: The smaller in diameter the roller is, the more defined of a curl you are going to get, just like a curling iron.  To create volume at the use 1.5-2” rollers.

Speaking of hair, the next post will be on a fall hair trend that I’m loving PLUS pictures of my take on it.  After that the Summer Lovin’ series will be concluded with my random summer 2011 favorites!  Stay tuned ladies!

For the love of beauty and gorgeous locks,
...Casey B

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's all about the cheeks, baby!

Buying a concealer shades darker then your natural skin tone is the perfect way to contour your cheek bones!  In this post I'll show you how to do so using this Maybelline concealer I recently bought for $7.00 at CVS.

Maybelline Fit Me! concealer in 30 Cafe
The Maybelline concealer by 2 of my everyday concealers in NW20 and NW15 for comparison. 
Start with your foundation on
Add a few dabs of the darker concealer into the hallows of your cheeks and onto your temples
Blend in the concealer using your fingers or foundation brush
set the concealer with a one of the following to make it last all day:
1. a contouring powder (what I used here)
2. a pressed face powder matching the concealer
3. a translucent face powder
Here's the finished look.  I added some blush in Pink Swoon by MAC to the apples of my cheeks to add a little brightness.

What I used

Why should you contour?
Wearing foundation is a great way to add extra coverage to the skin, the only problem is it can take all the color out of our faces.  We want the even look foundation gives but we don't want our faces to look flat.  To avoid this we need to add the dimension back into our faces by contouring.  Also contouring the cheeks slims the face--and who doesn't want that?!

Where are the hallows of your cheeks?
The hallows of your cheeks run from the corner of your mouth up to the ear.  Just make sure your contouring is staying towards the back of your cheek, you don't want to bring it too far in towards your mouth.   

What else can you contour?
1. Eyes-You probably contour your eyes all time (whether you called it that or not) just by adding the darker color in the crease. 
2. Your nose- run the darker color down the sides of your nose to elongate and slenderize and right under the tip of the nose to create a cute lil button nose affect (a trick done by Marilyn Monroe!).
3.  Jaw line- have a double chin?  This is how you conceal it!  Any one remember Boy George?  He took this to the extreme!
See the black shading he used to create a more predominant jaw line?
Why use a concealer?
You don't have to use a concealer.  You can use powders, another foundation, and even eyeshadow in the right shade.  I find a concealer works better for me in the winter because my skin tends to get very dry.  Because of this I avoid using powder products as much as possible.  (I do use the same concept in the summer using a powder darker then my skin tone.)  

Can you contour with bronzer?
Be careful with the powders you use choose to contour with.  Contouring and bronzing are different techniques.  Contouring is creating shadows on the face while bronzing is adding a glow to the skin where the sun would naturally hit it (if you'd like to see a bronzing tutorial let me know!).  You want to use a powder that is matte and has no orange-y undertones which is common in bronzers.  To be on the safe side I would suggest walking past the bronzers and going for the darker face powders.  However, it is definitely possible to contour with the right bronzer.

A lot of companies make blush and contouring sets for any price range:  

You can find this ELF palette at Target for around $3!

This NARS palette retails for $40, shop
Remember blend, blend, blend and it's always easier to add more then to take some away!

For the love of beauty and beautiful cheeks,
...Casey B

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Lovin' Part 2

Next up in the Summer Lovin' series are the skin care products I've been loving all summer long.  Most girls will agree that finding the perfect skin care routine feels virtually impossible.  There are millions of products to choose from and not to mention your skin type can be as unique to you as your fingerprint.  With that being said, these products will not be for everyone but they have definitely been great to me and my skin this summer.  As far as makeup goes, taking care of your skin is one of the best things you can do to ease the makeup application process.  If your skin is healthy you'll be able to spend your time enhancing your features instead of covering  and concealing spots.  

What: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer
Wallet: $16-35.00 Depending on size
Where to buy:,default,pd.html?start=14&cgid=face-moisturizers  or the Kiehl’s counter at your local mall (if you are in Columbia, we don’t have a counter close by)
Why I’m lovin’ it:  The skin medicine I use every night can cause my skin to become dry and flaky if I don’t moisturizer properly.  This light weight moisturizer helps to keep my skin fresh a dewy without being too thick or heavy, making it perfect to put on in the mornings before my makeup routine.

What: Kiehl’s Epidermal Texturizing Micro Dermabrasion

Wallet: $41.00 – a tad pricey but definitely worth it.   A little of this goes a long way so a bottle of this last me 3-4 months!
Why I’m lovin’ it: This is a great exfoliator!  I use it 2-3 times a week in the shower to help remove dead skin that could be dulling my complexion.  This is a summer favorite but I can see it being even better in the winter!  (Caution: I would not consider this a gentle exfoliator—so it may not be for everyone.  Personally I do prefer a more coarse exfoliator, but with that being said I do have sensitive skin and I still love this product.)

What: Elemis Balancing Lavender toner

Wallet: $26-35 -- price varies depending on seller
Why I’m lovin’ it:  This is a spa quality toner, so for all you facial lovers this will definitely put you in a happy place (the smell especially)!  The best part of this toner is its alcohol free!!  Traditional toners with alcohol can cause the skin and eyes to burn, sting, become irritated, and even cause dryness. (NOTE: when products leave your skin feeling tight IT'S BAD.  This drying of the skin causes your skin to over produce oil to compensate making your skin oiler then it was before.  Not cool!)  This toner doesn’t do any of those things which is why I'm in love with it.
When I use it:  After washing my face at night, I spritz this onto a cotton pad and sweep it over my face. (TIP: I also keep some of this in a smaller bottle on my vanity to spritz on my face in the morning before my makeup routine for a refreshing pick me up!)

What: FRESH Soy Face Cleanser
Wallet: $15-38.00 depending on size
Why I’m lovin’ it:  This cleanser is AMAZING!  It is very gentle and safe to use on and around your eyes.  It removes foundation, waterproof mascara, eyeliners, glitters, and even lipsticks in one easy step.  So no need to bust out the oily eye makeup remover before cleansing your face ever again!
When I use it: I use this cleanser when I want to remove a full face of makeup quickly, even though it is definitely gentle enough for everyday use.  Plus I love that it smells like cucumbers!  (Q: Did you know that a makeup remover and a skin cleanser are two different products?)

What skin care products have you been loving all summer long?  Let my know by leaving a post below!

Coming up next in the Summer Lovin' series are the hair products I've loved for summer, so check back soon!!

For the love of beauty and great skin,
...Casey B

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer Lovin' Part 1

Labor day has come and gone and college football consumes everyone's Saturday (yes, the WHOLE Saturday).  That can only mean one thing...summer is over people!  So in honor of summer, and in one last effort to to hold on to it, I'm going to do a list of the products I enjoyed all summer long.  It will be broken into four separate posts: makeup, skin, hair, and random.  Let's get this party started with the makeup products I've loved all summer long!

What: MAC blushes in Pink Swoon & Trace 
Wallet: $19.50
or your local MAC counter
Why I'm lovin' it: Pink swoon instantly brightens up the apples of your cheeks for a fresh face look while trace gold paired with some bronzer gives you the Kim K glow everybody loves.

What: Bright Lipsticks!  Two of my favorites are MAC's Up The Amp and Revlon's Kiss Me Coral (lipliners shown are MAC's Magenta & Mouth Off--they work perfectly with these lipsticks!)
 Wallet: Revlon $7.00 & MAC $14.50
your local MAC counter 
find Revlon lipsticks at your favorite drug store
Why I'm lovin' it: Sporting bright lips is the perfect way to wake up your face and make a statement during the summer because no matter how much you sweat, the lipstick will stay put!  Pair it with a simple black winged eyeliner and you have the perfect makeup for a summer party, concert, or hot night out!  PLUS bright lips are a trend that is rolling over into the Fall as well!

What: MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in nc15/nw20
Wallet: $14.00
Where to buy: These were limited edition but MAC seems to relaunch products, or similar ones, under new collections so keep an eye out.  Any skin toned eyeliner will work, many brands are making them now.  I've even seen some by Hard Candy in Walmart!
Why I'm lovin' it: Applying it to my waterline brightens my eyes, instantly makes them look bigger, and hides any redness they may have in one simple step!  I use this almost daily for work.  Going in at 7:30 and not being a morning person always causes my eyes to look a little red when I wake up.  So with these babies--problem solved.  White eyeliner can do the same trick, but a skin toned liner is a little more natural looking in the waterline. (Tip: If you have small lips try tracing this along your cupids bow to instantly make your lips look fuller!  )

What: Maybelline Define-A-Lash Lengthening Mascara
Wallet: $8.00
Where to buy: your favorite drug store
Why I'm lovin' it:  I've come back to this mascara time and time again, and I've tried a lot of mascaras.  This one is great at defining the lashes with out being clump, and does NOT flake all over my face.  Gotta love that!  The formula tends to get better the longer you have it which I love, because it's usually the opposite with a mascara.  There are some products I'm willing to spend a little extra money on but mascara just isn't one of them.  You can find great mascaras in the drugstore for under $10 and this is one of them!

Those are a few products I loved during summer 2011.  I hope you've enjoyed this post, and don't forget to check back for the rest of my summer favorites list.  Next up--skin products!

What were some of your favorite summer makeup products?  Post in the comments below!

For the love of beauty and summer makeup,
...Casey B

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet your blogger: Casey B

For my very first post I thought it would be nice to do a little Q&A session to give followers some background info!  So, here we go...

1.  Where are you from?
Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina baby! 

2. “You do whaaaat?”
This question has a two part answer:   I’m a civil engineer AND a makeup artist.  Yes, you read that right.  My co-workers know I’m a civil engineer and my clients know I’m a makeup artist, but when the two worlds collide 9 times out of 10 it generates the same exact look:
After that I usually get a few questions from either my co-workers or clients asking how that happened?  Or how do those go together?  So here you go...

3.  What's your story?
Growing up I was playing competitive sports year round by the age of 6.  It included everything.  I tapped, I played softball, soccer, tennis, cheerleading, name, I did it.  I was just athletic.  I was athletic AND a girly girl.  This means I was rough and tuff, but I ALWAYS looked great doing it!  My description on my facebook page says this: "I was the little girl who matched her lip gloss to her sports uniform.  Then, of course, suggested the rest of the team do the same."  That pretty much sums it up.

I was also a decent student which led to me graduating from the University of South Carolina (GO COCKS!) in May 2010 with my bachelor degree in civil engineering.  I worked part time all through school at the South Carolina Department of Transportation.  This worked out perfect for me because guess who had a job right out of college?!  Yep, me!  So Monday-Friday I'm working in road design at the SCDOT--and that's the engineering part of my story.

The other half of my story wasn't able to blossom  until after graduating.  Only then did I have free time for the first EVER (remember growing up playing competitive sports year round?).  So I quickly realized it was time to start perusing my passion for makeup.  Ever since I’ve been growing my makeup business, Makeup…by Casey B, and I’ve LOVED every second of it! I’ve been a part of some exciting shoots/projects and met a lot of great people so far and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Makeup…by Casey B!

4.  What do you love?
I have an ongoing spreadsheet that houses tons of pictures that inspire me.  Since a picture can speak a thousand words, here’s a collage I made just for you!  (Yep!  Just like in 2nd grade!)

5.  Why the heck are you blogging?
Blogging is something I’ve been interested in for a long time and I’m finally just going man up and do it.  I think I have a lot of interesting topics, tips, and tricks that everyday women will enjoy and benefit from.  What will you find on my blog?  Mostly beauty and makeup related topics such as: favorite products, trends for the season, client photos, celebrity makeup looks I love, makeup tutorials etc.  The idea is still expanding in my head so we’ll see where it goes!

6.  Hit me with those seven digits?!
Ok, I won’t be putting my phone number on the internet but here are some ways you can contact me:
1.     My “Makeup by Casey B” facebook page!  Become a fan and I’ll love you forever!
2.     Email me at:
3.     Comment on my blog post

7.  Now I have a few questions for you!
Have a topic you want me to cover?  Is there something you struggle with when it comes to makeup?  Want to see how to recreate a makeup look you love?  LET ME KNOW!  I'd love to do a post about it!

THANK YOU so much if you made it to the end of this post!  Check back soon because I have TONS of post ideas lined up!

For the love of beauty, start following my blog!
...Casey B