Monday, September 19, 2011

It's all about the cheeks, baby!

Buying a concealer shades darker then your natural skin tone is the perfect way to contour your cheek bones!  In this post I'll show you how to do so using this Maybelline concealer I recently bought for $7.00 at CVS.

Maybelline Fit Me! concealer in 30 Cafe
The Maybelline concealer by 2 of my everyday concealers in NW20 and NW15 for comparison. 
Start with your foundation on
Add a few dabs of the darker concealer into the hallows of your cheeks and onto your temples
Blend in the concealer using your fingers or foundation brush
set the concealer with a one of the following to make it last all day:
1. a contouring powder (what I used here)
2. a pressed face powder matching the concealer
3. a translucent face powder
Here's the finished look.  I added some blush in Pink Swoon by MAC to the apples of my cheeks to add a little brightness.

What I used

Why should you contour?
Wearing foundation is a great way to add extra coverage to the skin, the only problem is it can take all the color out of our faces.  We want the even look foundation gives but we don't want our faces to look flat.  To avoid this we need to add the dimension back into our faces by contouring.  Also contouring the cheeks slims the face--and who doesn't want that?!

Where are the hallows of your cheeks?
The hallows of your cheeks run from the corner of your mouth up to the ear.  Just make sure your contouring is staying towards the back of your cheek, you don't want to bring it too far in towards your mouth.   

What else can you contour?
1. Eyes-You probably contour your eyes all time (whether you called it that or not) just by adding the darker color in the crease. 
2. Your nose- run the darker color down the sides of your nose to elongate and slenderize and right under the tip of the nose to create a cute lil button nose affect (a trick done by Marilyn Monroe!).
3.  Jaw line- have a double chin?  This is how you conceal it!  Any one remember Boy George?  He took this to the extreme!
See the black shading he used to create a more predominant jaw line?
Why use a concealer?
You don't have to use a concealer.  You can use powders, another foundation, and even eyeshadow in the right shade.  I find a concealer works better for me in the winter because my skin tends to get very dry.  Because of this I avoid using powder products as much as possible.  (I do use the same concept in the summer using a powder darker then my skin tone.)  

Can you contour with bronzer?
Be careful with the powders you use choose to contour with.  Contouring and bronzing are different techniques.  Contouring is creating shadows on the face while bronzing is adding a glow to the skin where the sun would naturally hit it (if you'd like to see a bronzing tutorial let me know!).  You want to use a powder that is matte and has no orange-y undertones which is common in bronzers.  To be on the safe side I would suggest walking past the bronzers and going for the darker face powders.  However, it is definitely possible to contour with the right bronzer.

A lot of companies make blush and contouring sets for any price range:  

You can find this ELF palette at Target for around $3!

This NARS palette retails for $40, shop
Remember blend, blend, blend and it's always easier to add more then to take some away!

For the love of beauty and beautiful cheeks,
...Casey B


  1. This is an awesome tip! Keep them coming! How do you get the perfect eyelashes? Mine are really long but there not can you do this without breaking them with an eyelash curler. I use the eyelash curler before my mascara, is this the right way?

  2. I'll do a post on it soon! Thanks Krystle!