Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lash Out

Question:  Should I curl my lashes before or after I have applied mascara?  
Great question!  The answer is…it depends J Sometimes I curl my lashes before mascara and others afterwards, depending on the affect I’m trying to give them. Keep reading for more of an explanation throughout the post—especially in the “tricks” section! 

Isn't curling your lashes bad for them?
If you curl your lashes properly you have nothing to worry about.  First thing you need to do is find the eyelash curler that works best for you.  It should fit the shape of your eye (some are more rounded then others, depending on your eye shape this could work better for you) and NEVER pull or snag your eyelashes.  If this occurs, throw it away and look for a new one.  You can find tons of curlers at your local drug stores, Walmart, Target etc., for just a few bucks.

How to curl your eyelashes properly:
You want to curl in two to three sections (depending on the length of your lashes):  
1.     at the base of your lashes, as far down as you can go
2.     in the middle of your lashes
3.     at the top of your lashes
For each section you should squeeze the curler tightly and hold for 5-7 seconds.  Do not pull on your lashes while curling them, and leave the curler stationary.  Curling the lashes in 2-3 sections will help to give a beautiful curve to the lashes without any “corners.”

**Curling your lashes is the easiest and quickest thing you can do to make your eyes appear more open and awake in the mornings!  You shouldn’t be skipping this step, ladies!**

Applying mascara:
Start by applying your favorite mascara into the root of your lashes (wiggling it in a bit) then pulling it through to the ends.  You also want to pull your lashes in different directions: the outside corners go out, the middle lashes go straight up, and the inside corners go in towards your nose.  This gives your lashes a fanned-out look.  

If you are one of those who tend to get the mascara everywhere except on your lashes, here are a few cleanup tips just for you:

1.     Do you get mascara on your lids when applying it to your bottom lashes?  Do your bottom lashes first!  Or make sure you allow the top lashes time to dry completely before applying mascara to the bottom.
2.     If you do get mascara on your eye lids, allow it to dry completely the rub a clean q-tip over top to remove the mascara and not the shadow underneath.
3.     Did you just poke the mascara wand into the side of your nose, again?!  No worries.  Take a little moisturizer on a q-tip and simply rub it away.  It doesn’t remove the foundation or concealer like an eye makeup remover would.  After that just re-powder the small area and you are good to go!
4.     Are you a waterproof mascara junkie?  If you are using waterproof mascara daily, remove it properly and completely each night.  DO NOT PULL IT OFF (gross) or leave it on your lashes overnight.  Your lashes need to breathe too!  Use an oil based eye makeup remover and some cotton pads for quick and easy removal.    

Now we know the proper way to curl our lashes, apply our mascara, and what to do in a mascara emergency.   Time to learn some insider tricks!  Here are 5 quick mascara tricks to help you take control of your lashes once and for all!

1.     Want longer lashes?
There are tons of products you can buy to help your lashes grow.  Most are extremely expensive, require a prescription, or list terrible side effects that (in my opinion) aren’t worth it.  However, I have found the solution…RapidLash.  It was in my random favorites post, and for good reason: It’s my little miracle product!  Give it about 8 weeks, and you will have your longest lashes yet.  And for $28 what do you have to lose? (want more info on RapidLash? click here)

2.     Have you curled your eyelashes a million times and they’re STILL pointing straight down?
Just like some lashes naturally have mega curl to them (trust me some do…I’ve seen them.  LUCKY!), others naturally point down (Asian lashes).  Here’s a little trick that can help.  Heat your eyelash curler with your hair dryer for about 10-15 seconds.  Check the temperature of the curler on your wrist to make sure it’s not too hot, then curl your lashes.  Reheat your curler when needed to get your lashes completely curled then apply your mascara.  Only use a heated curler on lashes WITHOUT mascara (heat can melt your mascara on your lashes).  You can also buy heated eyelash curlers in stores like Sephora, Ulta, and varies online beauty stores.  Or you can do it the free way! J

curled with heat and two coats of mascara

3.     Do you want to add volume to your lashes?  Who doesn’t?!  Use a waterproof and non-waterproof mascara together!  Here’s the process:  Apply a thin coat of waterproof mascara to your lashes.  Let it try for a minute, then curl your lashes (do not heat your lash curler here since you already have product on your lashes).  Then apply a good coat or two of regular mascara.  Waterproof mascara holds curl better then non-waterproof, and using both formulas together works miracles for your lashes.  (I use this trick when I'm going out instead of wearing fake lashes!)

Instant volume, right?!

4.  Do you need thicker lashes and NOW?
No problem!  Just apply some invisible eyeliner.  Invisible eyeliner—how’s that for a trick?!  It’s also called tight lining your eye, which means you apply eyeliner along your upper water line.  It gives the lash base a thicker look instantly!  Plus it’s quicker to do then traditional eyeliner (which works too!) since you don’t have to worry about being exact or neat with it! 

Subtle difference, but definietly worth it!

5.     Have you tried all of the tricks listed above and your lashes STILL need help?
There’s always a solution ladies.  Purchase yourself some fake lashes!  Quick, instant, and painless these babies are always perfect.  There are tons of styles: half strips, full strips, and individual lashes.  Look around and pick out your perfect pair!

Are these your perfect pair?

*what mascara did I use?  click here*

For the love of beauty and luscious lashes,
...Casey B

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