Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trend to Try: Metallic Smokey Eyes

Who's ready for another trend to try this fall and winter?  We've already covered the reverse smokey eye and now we are going to tackle the metallic smokey.  I loooove this look!  OK, so what does metallic mean exactly?  It just means using colors that are shades of shimmery silvers, coppers, browns, blacks, golds etc.  Really...any shimmery color will do!  It's meant to be dramatic and a little over the top, so don't be afraid to go all out!

Here's how the look appeared on the runways:

a light and dark version

Navy is a great alternative to black for fair skin tone
When have celebrities ever missed a chance to sport a great smokey eye?  Here's Emma Watson at the latest Harry Potter New York premier.  Here statement metallic smokey eye created a HUGE buzz in the makeup world, and I think it's partly why this trend is a trend this season!  

Seriously?  How awesome is this look?! 
complete with little gold leaf flakes on the outer corner

Here's how I would wear this trend:

Products used:
  • MAC face and body foundation in N1
  • I used MAC paint pot in Indianwood as a base
  • MAC Copper Pigment blended over the lid and up to the brow bone, and underneath the eyes 
  • I tight lined my eyes and waterline with a black liner
  • added couple coats of black mascara
  • NYX Natural Nymph lipstick
  • Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in 040 Nude Luster just over the center of my lips

I used a MAC pigment in Copper (perfect metalic name!)

Since Copper has an orange tone to it, it's perfect for making
blue eyes POP!

  • Tip #1 is copied and pasted from the reverse smokey eye post: To avoid major fallout do your eyes first!  That way you clean up underneath your eyes THEN apply your foundation and concealer.  We want it to be smokey not raccoon-y after all.
  • Metallic shadows are a must!  Otherwise it's just a smokey eye.  You can use a shimmery metallic shade all over OR just in key spots like Emma's look.
  • Don't be afraid to try different shapes with the shadows.  Look how Emma's goes up to the inner corner of her brow.  Different, but beautiful!
  • For a less dramatic look:
    • choose lighter shades like lighter browns and silvers
    • skip harsh black liner on the top and lower waterline
    • use a single coat of mascara
  • For a more dramatic look:
    • bring the shadow down under they farther than you normally would.
    • black liner all around the eye and in the water lines
    • LASHES.  If you choose a black shadow lashes may not make a huge difference since they will be harder to see.  However they will help to open up the eye if you choose a lighter metallic shade, especially when you are taking the shadow around the whole eye.  
  • To create the darkness, depth, and intensity you want with the look you need to use a black base for your eyeshadows.  Some good choices I would recommend are NYX jumbo pencil in black bean and MACs paint pot in blackground.  Or you can use any black eyeliner pencil blended all over the lid.  The same goes for a black gel liner you may have, just use a brush to blend it over the whole lid to create a nice dark base.  Even though they are black, layering and metallic light shadow over top (like a silver) will cause the shadow to really stand out and be vibrant!  
Find these in Ulta, Sephora, or online for under $5.00
WARNING: you will need to use an eyeshadow primer  under these pencils to prevent creasing throughout the night
$17.50 at your MAC counter or online
Here are a few swatches of some metallic shadows with and without a black base.
(silver, navy, brown, and gold)
Big difference, right!?
  • Keep the rest of your face very neutral.  We really want all the focus on those beautiful eyes!
  • Another cool thing is shimmery shadows tend to do the work for you.  Applying the color all over the lid and into the crease can make it look like there is a darker color in the crease depending on how the light reflects off of it.

Will you give the metallic somkey eye a try this season?

  For the love of beauty and coppery eyes,
...Casey B

    Saturday, October 29, 2011

    Happy Halloween Part 2!

    More Halloween festivities means more costumes...which means more opportunities to do fun hair and makeup!!  Meet my best friend since 1st grade--my sweet, sweet Liz!  I did her hair and makeup for her saloon girl costume!

    Pin up-ish makeup
    the back of her hair. 
    The saloon girl and her cowboy! 
    I made my costume again, and this time I went with a pumpkin.  I'm not really sure why I choose that other then the fact it would be fast and fun to make.  And it had to be fast because I decided to make it on Thursday night for a FRIDAY night outing!  I love making my own costumes, and the whole process that goes along with it!  Here's what I did: I cut a jack-o-lantern face out of black felt and glued it on to a t-shirt I cut up.  The hat is made out of some green felt I cut like leaves, a piece of green foam, 2 pipe cleaners, and a piece of green boa I hot glued together onto a head band.  The tutu was really fun and easy to make too.  I tied black tool and I tied it to a piece of elastic and viola!  Instant tutu! 

    a did a black smokey eye with a lime green edge and orange lips

    Pumpkin and my lil Indian!
    I think I want to make some more tutus, maybe for my niece? She would be adorable in some of these:

    Now, I don't care anything about the NFL BUT college football...we're all about it!  How cute would this a little Gamecock tutu?!?
    But this Halloween Charley chose her own costume and my mom and sister made it for her.  So, what did she pick?...A werewolf!!

    look at that sweet werewolf face

    she even has claws

    Check out that pose.

    Speaking of great costume finds at the thrift store (like my geisha costume), you will NOT believe what my sister found for ONE DOLLAR!  She made a few cheap modifications and wait till you see this outcome.

    Perfect Cinderella!
    Y'all...I cannot even get over cool this is.  Little girls kept asking to have their picture made with her!  Really!!

    I hope everyone is dressing up and having a great time this Halloween!! Enjoy the time with your friends and families, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

    For the love of beauty and fun costumes,
    ...Casey B

    Monday, October 24, 2011

    Pin Up Look

    In my opinion pin up girls are the definition of beautiful.  They are just so stinkin' glamourous!  Luckily for us, creating a pin up look with makeup is actually very easy to do.  I'm going to show you how I would create a pin up inspired makeup look perfect for any occasion (if you aren't afraid of a great red lip!  Which you shouldn't be.).   Then I'll show you a few extra touches you can add to really play up the look -- perfect for a Halloween costume!    

    Here's my wearable pin up look!

    Nows the time to fill in your brows a little stronger then you normally would,
    and create a defined arch.
    Light contouring of the cheeks

    See, it IS wearable! 

    What you'll need to recreate this look (what I used in the parenthesis, but any shadow will do!):
    • Eye primer
    • light beige shadow for the lid (Naked by MAC)
    • white shadow for the brow highlight (Gesso by MAC)
    • Grey or grey-brown eyeshadow blended through the crease and in the lower lash line (mixed Coquette and Copperplate by MAC)
    • Black eyeliner (I prefer a gel eyeliner with an angled brush, but liquid would work great too. You can also use a pencil if you’d like it just won’t be as easy to get the perfect flick at the end of the winged liner.)
    • White or flesh tone eyeliner for the water liner (NW20 by MAC)
    • Mascara
    • Fill in your brows with the method that works best for you

    • Pinky toned blush (I used Well Dressed by MAC)
    • Contouring 

    • Your favorite red lip liner and lipstick.  Don’t be afraid to mix shades of red, garnets, and even pinks to make your perfect shade! (British Red by Loreal)
    • Make sure to use a lip brush to perfect the shape of your lipstick.  

    Here's my Halloween pin up look!

    I added a little beauty mark with a liquid liner

    What did I add for the Halloween look?

    • Darkened my brows a little by pressing Coquette by MAC over the pencil I used previously
    • added glitter to the lid (Reflects Pearl by MAC)
    • darkened the crease above (not following) my natural crease (I used a purple gray shade instead of brown--Scene by MAC)
    • thickened the black liner and extended the wing
    • add a little more contouring to my cheeks
    • added a beauty mark 
    • added a glitter liner along my bottom lash line (Disco Ball Glitter Liner by NYX)
    • fake lashes

    If you are going to be creating this look for a Halloween party here are a few tips to keep your look perfect all night long:
    • Prime your lids with an eyeshadow primer to make sure your shadows stay on point all night.  
    • Don't forget to line AND fill in your lips with a red lip liner before applying your lipstick. 
    • For extra long wearing lips skip the gloss.  Dab a red shadow overtop of the lips to enhance the color and to set the lipstick (works the same as powdering your face after foundation!).
    • Don't forget to pack your lipstick AND lip brush for touchups!
    The last thing you would need to complete the look is a hair-do.  Here are a few tutorials I found that I really like!

    I think this would be cute with some low pig tails!

    A big "THANK YOU" goes out to Ashley for requesting this post!  I hope you all enjoyed and I'd love to hear what you think of the look!  It was a lot of fun to do, and it's definitely a look every lady should try at least once in their life.  Seriously. 

    For the love of beauty and pin up girls,
    ...Casey B

    Thursday, October 20, 2011


    Happy Halloween everybody!!  I recently went to my first Halloween themed party and thought I'd show you guys my costume!  The best part of all... it was $3.oo!  Yep, 3 whole bucks.  

    Geisha Casey

    I bought the robe at Goodwill for less than $1.oo and spent the other $2.oo on the flowers (from JoAnn's) that I hot glued to some hair clips I already had.  How easy was that?!  
    (Everything else I found in my closet.  Sweet!)

    The makeup is Geisha inspired and definitely not authentic in any way, but it was really fun and easy to do!  Here's what I did:
    • I used the lightest foundation I owned and blended it over the whole face, ears and neck
    • set the foundation with a translucent powder so the foundation color wasn't altered
    • darkened my eyebrows with brow pencil and a little dark brown eyeshadow
    • blended red shadow on the outer part of my eyes and blended it back towards my hair
    • placed a little yellow shadow on the center of my lids to warm up the look just a smidge
    • added white liner to my water liner and thick black winged liner to the top
    • curled my lashes and lots of black mascara
    • red lips stick!
    Real Geisha Makeup:


    Pretty cool, huh?!

    Ta-da!  What are you going to be for Halloween?

    For the love of beauty and a cheap Halloween costume,
    ...Casey B

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    makeup for the gym

    Ooohh the gym…the place we all love to hate.  We all go to the gym to keep active, get our bodies ready for swim suite season, and to build self-esteem.  So what’s the downside of the gym?  How about looking like a hot mess while you’re there?!  A few things about going to the gym will never change, so let’s try and get over them ASAP: 
    1.     You are going to sweat
    2.     You are going to turn pink
    3.     Your hair is going to stay looking perfect (more on that at the bottom of this post!)

    All of those things are okay!  We want them to happen because it means are body is working hard.  In this post I’m going to give you a makeup look along with some tips to help you look your best at the gym.  This isn’t just for the ladies who work out in a gym setting, these tips are also great if:

    -you play high school sports
    -you are in a PE class at school
    -you participate in group exercise classes
    -you coach a sports team

    Makeup for the gym key points: You want to achieve an effortless “no makeup” look using products that are water resistant to prevent makeup meltdowns while you exercise. I know to some people this may seem a bit ridiculous, but honestly it’s nothing dramatic.  The makeup look is supposed to look natural and be done quickly.  It’s the little things that make the biggest difference when it comes to makeup…even for the gym.  Besides you never know who you’ll run in to at the gym!

    ·       Skip foundation.  Yes, skip it.  If you need to spot conceal any blemishes or under eye circles use a small brush and cream concealer.  Pat it onto the blemishes to blend and conceal them.  Wearing foundation to the gym is WAY too much and will lead you to looking gross in a hurry (especially when you have to carry around an orange gym towel because you’ve wiped off all your makeup onto it).  Foundation does more harm than good when it comes to the gym-especially as far as your skin is concerned.  We want the skin to be able to breath and perspire naturally, instead of blocking and clogging the pores with foundation.
    ·       Skip blush as well.  You’ll have a natural flush to your face when you start your workout, and we’ll be able to see it since we aren’t wearing foundation!
    ·       Fill in your brows! 
    ·       Tight line your upper lash line with a black liner to thicken up your lashes.
    ·       It would be best to skip shadow altogether, but if you have discoloration on your lids add a cream shadow like MAC’s paint pots in a light color to hide any discoloration.  They won’t run, crease, or move during your workout.
    ·       Add a white or skin toned liner to your lower lash line to open the eyes and brighten them
    ·       Highlight the inner corner of your eyes and your brow bone with a white matte shadow or eyeliner (blended out).  Avoid shimmery colors since we’ll be glistening naturally in the gym.
    ·       Curl your lashes and add WATERPROOF mascara (if you have lighter hair, try a brown mascara for a more natural look).

    ·       Lip stains are perfect for the gym.  The color will last the whole workout and you don’t have to worry about the product moving during the workout since they are water resistant!  Try brighter pinky/coral shades for the freshest look.

    The Look:
    Before with no makeup (eeekkkk!)
    After.  Much better!

    ·       During your workout DAB your face with your towel.  Never rub or tug on your face, especially if you have spot concealed.
    ·       Bring cleansing wipes with you to clean your face after your workout if you aren’t going straight home.  You can find them at your local drug store for a few dollars!
    ·       If you are going to the gym straight from work use the cleansing wipes to wipe off excess makeup before your workout.  Then reapply what’s needed.   Here’s a list of things I would keep in my gym bag :

    Gym makeup bag check list:
    ü     Cleansing wipes
    ü     Cream concealer and small lip brush (perfect size for concealing blemishes) for touch ups if needed
    ü     White eyeliner (to highlight inner corner, brow bone, and lower water line)
    ü     Eyelash curler (to re-curl lashes)
    ü     Lip stain
    ü     DEODERANT (We want to look AND smell fresh.  Always.)
    ü     Mascara and brow pencil (if you feel like you may need to touch them up)

    A little something extra:
                I recently made a board on Pintrest that houses all of my motivational pictures for working out and staying healthy.  I found that it really does help!  I look through them about the time I’m supposed to be heading to the gym and it gets me motivated for a good workout.   Here are a few of my favorites
    (If you haven’t check out Pintrest yet, you really should.  Be prepared to become addicted.  You can start following me here if you’d like!):

                Even though we have gotten over the fact our hair isn’t going to stay looking perfect, here are a couple of hair-do’s that will look great even at the end of your workout!

    Will you try out these makeup tips for the gym?  Let me know what you think! 

    If you’ve been following my blog and you like what you’ve seen, don’t forget to become a follower to stay up to date! J  You can also enter your e-mail address (at the top right of the window) to receive a notification and link to my newest post as soon as they go up!

    For the love of beauty and looking great even at the gym,

    …Casey B

    Monday, October 17, 2011

    For Beauty's Sake

    Here's a list of 10 things you should be doing everyday.  Some of them you'll know and some of them you probably wouldn't have thought of.  Either way I'm thinking you probably aren't doing all of them daily (neither am I).  Of course you should be smiling, laughing, and wearing your retainer everyday but I'm not going to use those as part of my 10 things (but keep those in mind too!).

    1. Curling your lashes (even if you aren’t wearing mascara that day!)  It's the quickest way to really open up and lift your eyes.
    2. Highlighting the inner corner of your eyes.  Using a matte or shimmer light colored eyeshadow (or even a white eyeliner pencil dabbed in the inner corner then blended out), place it on the inner corners of your eyes to instantly brighten and separate them.  This is a great trick to looking more awake first thing in the mornings for work!
    3. Drinking plenty of water.  How much water should you be drinking?  Take your weight and divided it in half.  That's how many ounces you should be drinking per day.  (Reminder: 8 oz/cup)  If you don't like water try this recipe for  refreshing cucumber water!  Take 2 liters of water (I used an empty soda bottle to measure) and add one clean unpeeled cucumber sliced into disk, half a lemon sliced, and a few sprigs of mint.  For max flavor let the water sit over night in the fridge, then enjoy!  
    4. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night.
    5. Washing your face for ONE FULL MINUTE.  Same thing goes for brushing your teeth and washing hands!
    6. Exfoliating your pits.  I didn't know until recently that some people have a problem with the skin under their arms being darker.  Here's a video explaining more on this topic:       
    7. NOT washing your hair everyday.  I know this will be hard for some people, but try skipping at least one day.  Washing your hair everyday strips the hair of it's natural oils which is more harmful than good.  To disguise second day hair try rotating your hair styles: down the first day, cute pony or half up the next.  If you have extremely oily hair try a dry shampoo (Love these!  Plus they give extra volume instantly.  Remember: if you have dark hair get an invisible formula other wise it will show up in your hair) or scrubbing your roots under water without using shampoo on the second day. 
    8. Filling in your brows! Check out my post on this topic for more details and pictures.
    9. Plucking stray hairs.  It's easier to maintain your brows if you do a little every night.  Just make a habit of grooming them as part of your nightly routine.  That way you won't wake up one day and suddenly realize you have a unibrow. (You know that really happens!)
    10. Moisturize your feet! I know it's the fall and boots are in, so who cares about your feet?!  YOU should care about those puppies.  Add lotion right before bed at to keep them happy all winter long!
    There you have it!  What's something you think ladies should be doing everyday that we probably aren't?  Post your answer below in the comments!  How many of these are you doing daily?

    For the love of beauty and doing it all,
    ...Casey B

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    All you need to know about...filling in your brows!

    Why is filling in your brows important?  Again, a picture is worth a thousand words so here  ya go:
    OMG, right?!
    Your eyebrows frame you face and give the overall appearance more structure and balance.  Majority of ladies could use at least a little touching up in their brow area-- especially us blondes!  Now if you have perfect, thick, and well defined brows already you’re a lucky lady!  You should post a link to this page on your BFF’s FB page so they won’t have to be jealous of your naturally perfect brows anymore. 

    Ways to fill in your brows:
    • Pencil
    • Brow Powder
    • Eye shadows

    Ways to set your brows:
    • Brow gel
    • Clear mascara
    • Brow wax
    • Hairspray

    Tools you’ll need:
    • An angled brush with natural hairs for applying the powder.
    • Eye brow comb or disposable mascara wand for brushing the brows through

    What you don’t want:
    • Any product with shimmer
    • NEVER use black, even if you have jet black hair.  It’s too harsh so go for a dark, rich brown instead.
    • Browns with red undertones (unless you have red hair then it’s perfect for you!)

    So how do you know which product to use to fill in your brows?  What’s going to work best is going to be different for each lady.  Here are a few key points to help you know where to start when it comes to your brows:
    • Powders are going to give a more natural look to the brows where pencils can tend to be a little more noticeable depending on your application
    • If you already have decent brows that have a few sparse areas, a powder will work perfectly for you. 
    • If you have extremely fine brows or large gaps of no hair at all, you are going to want to use a pencil.  You are going to more or less draw on the missing areas with the pencil.
    • If you fill in your brows with pencil you can also top it off with a powder to increase the staying power and to give it the natural look a powder gives.  Never be afraid to layer products!

    Do you have to set your brows?  Nope, not at all.  Setting your brows can help to keep product in place but it’s more or less to keep unruly brow hairs going in the right direction.  The ladies with thicker brows could use any of the brow setting products to help keep them under control throughout the day.  (Cheap alternative: use hairspray on a disposable mascara wand to keep your brows perfectly in place all day long!)  If you have a lighter brow color but they are plenty thick, use a colored brow gel to slightly darken them up and keep them groomed.

    How do you know what shape to make your brows?  This (again) is going to vary from person to person.  Without being able to speak with you individually, the best thing you can do is follow the natural shape of your brows.  Next time you go in to get your hair done have your stylist shape and clean up your brows for you.  Then you’ll know the shape you should have and maintain when it comes time to fill them in. 

    How do you avoid looking like you’ve drawn on your brows?  I think this is why most people don’t fill in their brows. They’d rather them be sparse then have them look extremely fake.   Don’t worry, it’s easily avoided!  When using a pencil to fill in your brows use small feathery strokes, not a long continues line.   Also you want the front the front of your brows (the inside part by your nose) to be the lightest part and the tail of your brows (on the outside) to be the darkest.

    What products do I recommend? 
    ·       MAC brow pencils
    ·     MAC eye shadows in (from lightest to darkest):
    o      Omega (great for light blondes)
    o      Coquette
    o      Espresso
    o      Brun
    ·       Maybelline Define-A-Brow pencil (drug store)  I use Light to Medium Blonde on my brows, it’s a good dupe for MAC’s Fling brow pencil!
    ·       Clear Mascara (drug store)

    Tips for filling in your brows:
    ·       Comb through your brows first with your brush
    ·       Lightly tap your angled brush in the powders and flick through your brows (remember  to keep the color darkest on the outside tail)
    ·       You want the bottom of your brows to be well defined.  You can achieve this by placing the product along the bottom of your brows with your angled brush, then brush the product up and through with your brow brush.
    ·       If you accidently fuzzed the eye shadow or pencil outside of your brow shape don’t worry!  Use a little concealer on a small brush to sharpen up the edges!
    ·       Filling in your brows is a must when it comes to makeup for glasses!

    Here are my brows before and after I’ve filled them in:


    HUGE difference, right?!

    Don’t ever be afraid to play around with your brows!  Try different shapes and colors to see what you like best.   That’s one advantage to having lighter and less defined brows—you can make them look however you want!  Here’s a video by Pixiwoo on YouTube where she explains different brow shapes and styles and also demonstrates filling them in.  (One of my FAVORITE YouTube channels!)

    Don’t over pluck your brows!  If you have been STOP!  For some of you the damage has already been done and that’s ok—that’s why we’ve learned how to fill them in today! J  The key to creating the perfect brow shape is trimming your brows not getting rid of their thickness!  Remember the thicker your brows are the younger you look!  PLUS full brows are a big upcoming trend for Spring/Summer 2012.  Start practicing now and have them perfect for next season!

    Now go frame your faces ladies! 

    For the love of beauty and perfect brows for everyone,
    ...Casey B