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All you need to know about...filling in your brows!

Why is filling in your brows important?  Again, a picture is worth a thousand words so here  ya go:
OMG, right?!
Your eyebrows frame you face and give the overall appearance more structure and balance.  Majority of ladies could use at least a little touching up in their brow area-- especially us blondes!  Now if you have perfect, thick, and well defined brows already you’re a lucky lady!  You should post a link to this page on your BFF’s FB page so they won’t have to be jealous of your naturally perfect brows anymore. 

Ways to fill in your brows:
  • Pencil
  • Brow Powder
  • Eye shadows

Ways to set your brows:
  • Brow gel
  • Clear mascara
  • Brow wax
  • Hairspray

Tools you’ll need:
  • An angled brush with natural hairs for applying the powder.
  • Eye brow comb or disposable mascara wand for brushing the brows through

What you don’t want:
  • Any product with shimmer
  • NEVER use black, even if you have jet black hair.  It’s too harsh so go for a dark, rich brown instead.
  • Browns with red undertones (unless you have red hair then it’s perfect for you!)

So how do you know which product to use to fill in your brows?  What’s going to work best is going to be different for each lady.  Here are a few key points to help you know where to start when it comes to your brows:
  • Powders are going to give a more natural look to the brows where pencils can tend to be a little more noticeable depending on your application
  • If you already have decent brows that have a few sparse areas, a powder will work perfectly for you. 
  • If you have extremely fine brows or large gaps of no hair at all, you are going to want to use a pencil.  You are going to more or less draw on the missing areas with the pencil.
  • If you fill in your brows with pencil you can also top it off with a powder to increase the staying power and to give it the natural look a powder gives.  Never be afraid to layer products!

Do you have to set your brows?  Nope, not at all.  Setting your brows can help to keep product in place but it’s more or less to keep unruly brow hairs going in the right direction.  The ladies with thicker brows could use any of the brow setting products to help keep them under control throughout the day.  (Cheap alternative: use hairspray on a disposable mascara wand to keep your brows perfectly in place all day long!)  If you have a lighter brow color but they are plenty thick, use a colored brow gel to slightly darken them up and keep them groomed.

How do you know what shape to make your brows?  This (again) is going to vary from person to person.  Without being able to speak with you individually, the best thing you can do is follow the natural shape of your brows.  Next time you go in to get your hair done have your stylist shape and clean up your brows for you.  Then you’ll know the shape you should have and maintain when it comes time to fill them in. 

How do you avoid looking like you’ve drawn on your brows?  I think this is why most people don’t fill in their brows. They’d rather them be sparse then have them look extremely fake.   Don’t worry, it’s easily avoided!  When using a pencil to fill in your brows use small feathery strokes, not a long continues line.   Also you want the front the front of your brows (the inside part by your nose) to be the lightest part and the tail of your brows (on the outside) to be the darkest.

What products do I recommend? 
·       MAC brow pencils
·     MAC eye shadows in (from lightest to darkest):
o      Omega (great for light blondes)
o      Coquette
o      Espresso
o      Brun
·       Maybelline Define-A-Brow pencil (drug store)  I use Light to Medium Blonde on my brows, it’s a good dupe for MAC’s Fling brow pencil!
·       Clear Mascara (drug store)

Tips for filling in your brows:
·       Comb through your brows first with your brush
·       Lightly tap your angled brush in the powders and flick through your brows (remember  to keep the color darkest on the outside tail)
·       You want the bottom of your brows to be well defined.  You can achieve this by placing the product along the bottom of your brows with your angled brush, then brush the product up and through with your brow brush.
·       If you accidently fuzzed the eye shadow or pencil outside of your brow shape don’t worry!  Use a little concealer on a small brush to sharpen up the edges!
·       Filling in your brows is a must when it comes to makeup for glasses!

Here are my brows before and after I’ve filled them in:


HUGE difference, right?!

Don’t ever be afraid to play around with your brows!  Try different shapes and colors to see what you like best.   That’s one advantage to having lighter and less defined brows—you can make them look however you want!  Here’s a video by Pixiwoo on YouTube where she explains different brow shapes and styles and also demonstrates filling them in.  (One of my FAVORITE YouTube channels!)

Don’t over pluck your brows!  If you have been STOP!  For some of you the damage has already been done and that’s ok—that’s why we’ve learned how to fill them in today! J  The key to creating the perfect brow shape is trimming your brows not getting rid of their thickness!  Remember the thicker your brows are the younger you look!  PLUS full brows are a big upcoming trend for Spring/Summer 2012.  Start practicing now and have them perfect for next season!

Now go frame your faces ladies! 

For the love of beauty and perfect brows for everyone,
...Casey B

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  1. What product/s did you use to fill in your brows in the "After" photo above? MAC's Omega eye shadow, Maybelline Define-A-Brow pencil, or MAC’s Fling brow pencil?