Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Amazing Eyes...All Four Of Them

I started wearing glasses in the 4th grade and by the time I needed them full time I started wearing contacts.  So, these days I only wear my glasses when I'm feeling a little lazy or too tired to mess with my contacts before work.  However, that's not the case for everyone.  I know a lot of ladies who wear glass full time and you want to wear fun makeup too, dang it!  Hopefully this post will give you some helpful tips on how to play up your features when wearing your glasses!

Here's a few tips for you day to day makeup in glasses:
  • By far the most important thing you need to do when wearing glasses is fill in your brows.  Your eyebrows frame your face and make a huge difference even when you're not wearing your glasses, but its especially when you are.  It helps bring balance to the face behind the glasses.
  • When you wearing glasses it's important to find a great concealer.  Glasses will cast a shadow under your eyes no matter what, but you don't want it to emphasize any dark circles you may naturally have. 
  • For your eyeshadow colors gravitate towards neutral shades.  Sweep a single color over your lid and highlight your brow bone with a lighter shade.  This will be the perfect look for your day-to-day school or work makeup.
  • Making sure to curl your lashes before applying mascara to help open up the eyes and to keep your lashes from touching your lenses!  Don't know how to curl your lashes properly?  No worries, click here
  • If your prescription makes your eyes appear smaller you'll want to line your eyes all the way around and add 2-3 coats of black mascara to your lashes.  Try adding a skin tone liner to your your waterline to help open up the eyes as well. 
  • If you prescription makes your eyes appear larger you are going to want to make sure you blend any eyeshadow you may have on extremely well--you don't want to emphasize any mistakes.  Skip lining your eyes or just stick to  tight lining the upper lash line (tight what?!  click here for more info on tight lining) and apply a single coat of mascara.
  • Try on your glasses periodically throughout your application to see where the look is heading.
How would I do my makeup for work when wearing my glasses?  

Nice and fresh with tons of mascara and Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Passion
Ok now for the fun stuff!  Let's say you have a hot date or big plans for a girls night and you want to wear fun makeup too.  What do you do?!  For most girls, it's all about playing up their eyes when they are going out for the night.  If you are wearing glasses you are going to want to play up your features a little bit differently.  Here's a few suggestions:
  • Your glasses are going to be the focal point as far as your eyes go, so try and stick to the tips above when it comes to your eyeshadow application.  There's no need to spend tons of time detailing your eyeshadow when you are going to put glasses on over top.
  • If you want more of a smokey look, sweep a little bit darker shade over the lid (try a silver, dark brown, plums, and even dark greens would be great) instead of a lighter neutral.
  • Try putting on a stronger color blush to play up your cheeks.  
  • Play up your lips!  Try bold and bright colors on your lips to add some spunk to your makeup look.  Bold lips are HUGE for fall and not just in your typical fall colors.  Try hot pinks, bright corals, and deep reds!  What are my favorite shades?  Click here to find out!
  • Try a fun eyeliner shape!  Do an extreme cat eye or try the double winged eyeliner for some fun on the lids, but with out the extra bulkiness tons of eyeshadow can add. 
What makeup look would I chose for night out in my glasses?  I'd go for a winged liner and a nice bold lip!  So cute!

Bobbi Brow Lip Color Rouge in Casis (28)
Everyone is going to be different so take the tips that apply to you and create some great makeup looks!  Back to the #1 tip so no one forgets it--spend time on your brows!  I'm thinking of doing a brow tutorial, if you'd like to see that comment below or on my facebook page here and let me know.  Don't let your glasses hold you back anymore--you can rock awesome makeup looks too!

I hope this helps!

I just thought these were funny,but extremely practical for the right person!

For the love of beauty and feeling pretty in your glasses,
...Casey B

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