Monday, October 17, 2011

For Beauty's Sake

Here's a list of 10 things you should be doing everyday.  Some of them you'll know and some of them you probably wouldn't have thought of.  Either way I'm thinking you probably aren't doing all of them daily (neither am I).  Of course you should be smiling, laughing, and wearing your retainer everyday but I'm not going to use those as part of my 10 things (but keep those in mind too!).

  1. Curling your lashes (even if you aren’t wearing mascara that day!)  It's the quickest way to really open up and lift your eyes.
  2. Highlighting the inner corner of your eyes.  Using a matte or shimmer light colored eyeshadow (or even a white eyeliner pencil dabbed in the inner corner then blended out), place it on the inner corners of your eyes to instantly brighten and separate them.  This is a great trick to looking more awake first thing in the mornings for work!
  3. Drinking plenty of water.  How much water should you be drinking?  Take your weight and divided it in half.  That's how many ounces you should be drinking per day.  (Reminder: 8 oz/cup)  If you don't like water try this recipe for  refreshing cucumber water!  Take 2 liters of water (I used an empty soda bottle to measure) and add one clean unpeeled cucumber sliced into disk, half a lemon sliced, and a few sprigs of mint.  For max flavor let the water sit over night in the fridge, then enjoy!  
  4. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night.
  5. Washing your face for ONE FULL MINUTE.  Same thing goes for brushing your teeth and washing hands!
  6. Exfoliating your pits.  I didn't know until recently that some people have a problem with the skin under their arms being darker.  Here's a video explaining more on this topic:       
  7. NOT washing your hair everyday.  I know this will be hard for some people, but try skipping at least one day.  Washing your hair everyday strips the hair of it's natural oils which is more harmful than good.  To disguise second day hair try rotating your hair styles: down the first day, cute pony or half up the next.  If you have extremely oily hair try a dry shampoo (Love these!  Plus they give extra volume instantly.  Remember: if you have dark hair get an invisible formula other wise it will show up in your hair) or scrubbing your roots under water without using shampoo on the second day. 
  8. Filling in your brows! Check out my post on this topic for more details and pictures.
  9. Plucking stray hairs.  It's easier to maintain your brows if you do a little every night.  Just make a habit of grooming them as part of your nightly routine.  That way you won't wake up one day and suddenly realize you have a unibrow. (You know that really happens!)
  10. Moisturize your feet! I know it's the fall and boots are in, so who cares about your feet?!  YOU should care about those puppies.  Add lotion right before bed at to keep them happy all winter long!
There you have it!  What's something you think ladies should be doing everyday that we probably aren't?  Post your answer below in the comments!  How many of these are you doing daily?

For the love of beauty and doing it all,
...Casey B

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