Tuesday, October 18, 2011

makeup for the gym

Ooohh the gym…the place we all love to hate.  We all go to the gym to keep active, get our bodies ready for swim suite season, and to build self-esteem.  So what’s the downside of the gym?  How about looking like a hot mess while you’re there?!  A few things about going to the gym will never change, so let’s try and get over them ASAP: 
1.     You are going to sweat
2.     You are going to turn pink
3.     Your hair is going to stay looking perfect (more on that at the bottom of this post!)

All of those things are okay!  We want them to happen because it means are body is working hard.  In this post I’m going to give you a makeup look along with some tips to help you look your best at the gym.  This isn’t just for the ladies who work out in a gym setting, these tips are also great if:

-you play high school sports
-you are in a PE class at school
-you participate in group exercise classes
-you coach a sports team

Makeup for the gym key points: You want to achieve an effortless “no makeup” look using products that are water resistant to prevent makeup meltdowns while you exercise. I know to some people this may seem a bit ridiculous, but honestly it’s nothing dramatic.  The makeup look is supposed to look natural and be done quickly.  It’s the little things that make the biggest difference when it comes to makeup…even for the gym.  Besides you never know who you’ll run in to at the gym!

·       Skip foundation.  Yes, skip it.  If you need to spot conceal any blemishes or under eye circles use a small brush and cream concealer.  Pat it onto the blemishes to blend and conceal them.  Wearing foundation to the gym is WAY too much and will lead you to looking gross in a hurry (especially when you have to carry around an orange gym towel because you’ve wiped off all your makeup onto it).  Foundation does more harm than good when it comes to the gym-especially as far as your skin is concerned.  We want the skin to be able to breath and perspire naturally, instead of blocking and clogging the pores with foundation.
·       Skip blush as well.  You’ll have a natural flush to your face when you start your workout, and we’ll be able to see it since we aren’t wearing foundation!
·       Fill in your brows! 
·       Tight line your upper lash line with a black liner to thicken up your lashes.
·       It would be best to skip shadow altogether, but if you have discoloration on your lids add a cream shadow like MAC’s paint pots in a light color to hide any discoloration.  They won’t run, crease, or move during your workout.
·       Add a white or skin toned liner to your lower lash line to open the eyes and brighten them
·       Highlight the inner corner of your eyes and your brow bone with a white matte shadow or eyeliner (blended out).  Avoid shimmery colors since we’ll be glistening naturally in the gym.
·       Curl your lashes and add WATERPROOF mascara (if you have lighter hair, try a brown mascara for a more natural look).

·       Lip stains are perfect for the gym.  The color will last the whole workout and you don’t have to worry about the product moving during the workout since they are water resistant!  Try brighter pinky/coral shades for the freshest look.

The Look:
Before with no makeup (eeekkkk!)
After.  Much better!

·       During your workout DAB your face with your towel.  Never rub or tug on your face, especially if you have spot concealed.
·       Bring cleansing wipes with you to clean your face after your workout if you aren’t going straight home.  You can find them at your local drug store for a few dollars!
·       If you are going to the gym straight from work use the cleansing wipes to wipe off excess makeup before your workout.  Then reapply what’s needed.   Here’s a list of things I would keep in my gym bag :

Gym makeup bag check list:
ü     Cleansing wipes
ü     Cream concealer and small lip brush (perfect size for concealing blemishes) for touch ups if needed
ü     White eyeliner (to highlight inner corner, brow bone, and lower water line)
ü     Eyelash curler (to re-curl lashes)
ü     Lip stain
ü     DEODERANT (We want to look AND smell fresh.  Always.)
ü     Mascara and brow pencil (if you feel like you may need to touch them up)

A little something extra:
            I recently made a board on Pintrest that houses all of my motivational pictures for working out and staying healthy.  I found that it really does help!  I look through them about the time I’m supposed to be heading to the gym and it gets me motivated for a good workout.   Here are a few of my favorites
(If you haven’t check out Pintrest yet, you really should.  Be prepared to become addicted.  You can start following me here if you’d like!):

            Even though we have gotten over the fact our hair isn’t going to stay looking perfect, here are a couple of hair-do’s that will look great even at the end of your workout!

Will you try out these makeup tips for the gym?  Let me know what you think! 

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For the love of beauty and looking great even at the gym,

…Casey B

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  1. Luckily I don't have to worry too much about makeup when working out because I use
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