Monday, October 24, 2011

Pin Up Look

In my opinion pin up girls are the definition of beautiful.  They are just so stinkin' glamourous!  Luckily for us, creating a pin up look with makeup is actually very easy to do.  I'm going to show you how I would create a pin up inspired makeup look perfect for any occasion (if you aren't afraid of a great red lip!  Which you shouldn't be.).   Then I'll show you a few extra touches you can add to really play up the look -- perfect for a Halloween costume!    

Here's my wearable pin up look!

Nows the time to fill in your brows a little stronger then you normally would,
and create a defined arch.
Light contouring of the cheeks

See, it IS wearable! 

What you'll need to recreate this look (what I used in the parenthesis, but any shadow will do!):
  • Eye primer
  • light beige shadow for the lid (Naked by MAC)
  • white shadow for the brow highlight (Gesso by MAC)
  • Grey or grey-brown eyeshadow blended through the crease and in the lower lash line (mixed Coquette and Copperplate by MAC)
  • Black eyeliner (I prefer a gel eyeliner with an angled brush, but liquid would work great too. You can also use a pencil if you’d like it just won’t be as easy to get the perfect flick at the end of the winged liner.)
  • White or flesh tone eyeliner for the water liner (NW20 by MAC)
  • Mascara
  • Fill in your brows with the method that works best for you

  • Pinky toned blush (I used Well Dressed by MAC)
  • Contouring 

  • Your favorite red lip liner and lipstick.  Don’t be afraid to mix shades of red, garnets, and even pinks to make your perfect shade! (British Red by Loreal)
  • Make sure to use a lip brush to perfect the shape of your lipstick.  

Here's my Halloween pin up look!

I added a little beauty mark with a liquid liner

What did I add for the Halloween look?

  • Darkened my brows a little by pressing Coquette by MAC over the pencil I used previously
  • added glitter to the lid (Reflects Pearl by MAC)
  • darkened the crease above (not following) my natural crease (I used a purple gray shade instead of brown--Scene by MAC)
  • thickened the black liner and extended the wing
  • add a little more contouring to my cheeks
  • added a beauty mark 
  • added a glitter liner along my bottom lash line (Disco Ball Glitter Liner by NYX)
  • fake lashes

If you are going to be creating this look for a Halloween party here are a few tips to keep your look perfect all night long:
  • Prime your lids with an eyeshadow primer to make sure your shadows stay on point all night.  
  • Don't forget to line AND fill in your lips with a red lip liner before applying your lipstick. 
  • For extra long wearing lips skip the gloss.  Dab a red shadow overtop of the lips to enhance the color and to set the lipstick (works the same as powdering your face after foundation!).
  • Don't forget to pack your lipstick AND lip brush for touchups!
The last thing you would need to complete the look is a hair-do.  Here are a few tutorials I found that I really like!

I think this would be cute with some low pig tails!

A big "THANK YOU" goes out to Ashley for requesting this post!  I hope you all enjoyed and I'd love to hear what you think of the look!  It was a lot of fun to do, and it's definitely a look every lady should try at least once in their life.  Seriously. 

For the love of beauty and pin up girls,
...Casey B

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