Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pretty Lights Makeup

A while back I went to a Pretty Lights concert with some friends and I took this picture at the start of the show:

It pretty much sums up the whole night and booooy was a blast!  If you aren't familiar with Pretty Lights you can check out some of his music right ---> here.  Unfortunately I was not aware before we arrived that the dress code was to wear anything neon, glittery and patterned OR that the perfect accessories to wear were your glow sticks and 80'a style sunglasses. So my outfit was a total bummer compared to other people there.  But now I know and next time I'm able to attend my outfit will be more along the lines of these people: 

With that being said, here's the makeup look I created based on the photo I took at the show!  Glittery rainbow eyes and hot pink lips with pink glitter added over top (of course).

I wish you could tell the glittery lips better on camera but unfortunately glitter doesn't photograph as pretty as it is in person 

Can you tell how the photo was the inspiration for this look?

I had a lot fun playing around with colors and enjoyed doing this look!  Do you ever play in your makeup too?  If not, you totally should.

For the love of beauty and rave style makeup,
...Casey B

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