Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kristen Stewart Makeup Look

Love her, hate her, or jealous of her because she’s dating Robert Pattinson (…that would be me…), Kristen Stewart is the main focus of this post!  I’ll be recreating this smokey eye look she wore to the Breaking Dawn Part I LA Premier. 

I would say over all Kristen isn’t much of a makeup girl in her everyday life (from what I can tell anyways).  In my opinion she’s one of those women who seem to look her best when she’s wearing a more natural makeup, letting her natural beauty shine through.   Even though she’s wearing a great smokey eye that’s anything but natural in this look, it’s paired with natural skin, minimal blush, and bare lips.  This is how Kristen does glamorous, and I think it’s perfect for her.  If Kristen paired those smokey eyes with flawless full coverage foundation, shiny nude lip, and tons of bronzer, you would be wondering “what tha hey is going on with her face?!” It’s just not her personality.  

Let's recreate the look, shall we?

What products did I use?

-Black eyeliner smudged in the lash line and drawn out to create the shape of the shadow, blended out
- 3 Eyeshadows for the lids- Carbon, Copperplate, and Patina by MAC
-MAC Coquette shadow to fill in my brows (a shade darker then I would normally use)
-I curled my lashes and added my favorite mascara
-super light foundation to keep the skin very simple, MAC face and body
-MACs blush in Happy Together, the matte side only (no shimmer on the cheeks!)

Kristen tends to have a girl next door look and feel to her (like I mentioned earlier), and this smokey eye looks great! I point that out just to say that if you aren't use to wearing makeup on a regular basis or maybe your like Kristen and you tend to look your best in a more natural makeup look, this could be the perfect smokey eye for you!  Give it a try the next time you feel like glam-ing up for a special occasion.  

If you are use to wearing lots of makeup and you want to go all out with the look, do it! Hello diva (love it).

See!  Same eyes, completely different look and fill when
you add in the other makeup elements.
Now...more importantly: WHICH. TEAM.

For the love of beauty and TEAM EDWARD (ohh yeaaa),
...Casey B 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa List

I recently did a stocking stuffers post that featured ten products, all $10 or less, that were great as additions to any gift or for filling out a stocking!  This post is going to be the complete opposite.  This is my list of 10 beauty related products that I LOVE but instead of being under $10, they will be over (some a smidge more than others…).  None the less they are all perfect for a “Santa List”, right? J  If any of these products are new to you, and you have a love of beauty like I do, I’d suggest adding a few (or all) of these products to your Christmas list!  I’ve broken the products into four categories: skin, tools, primers, and makeup.  Let’s just jump right in to the first category… 


1. Clarisonic Mia

·       $119.00
·       This is a more compact version of the original Clarisonic, however the brush head is the same size.  I’ve been using mine for about 6 months and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in the appearance of my skin.  I can’t picture myself using any other product to clean my face now that I’ve tried this little baby! (AND they come in an assortment of colors!)

2. Soy Fresh Face Cleanser

·       $15-38.00 (depending on size)
·       Read my love for this product here!


3. Sigma Brush Set

·       Price varies depending on the set or brush
·       I use sigma brushes on myself and in my kit, they are amazing!  They are great quality, high performance brushes.  The brushes can be purchased in different sets or individually to create your own perfect set.  Remember, good makeup brushes are important to have.  You can do way more with nice brushes and cheap makeup than you can with expensive makeup and cheap brushes. 

4.  Z Palette

·       $14-20.00 (depending on size)
·       This is how I organize my whole makeup kit/collection.  These babies are perfect for organizing eyeshadows, blushes, and even lipsticks.  They are extremely durable to ensure your makeup is nice and safe while being stored.  Not to mention they are extremely practical for traveling! The clear tops on these palettes are great because you can see what’s in each palette, so no need to figure out how to label each one!  (I may do a post soon on how I use mine, how to fill them up, and maybe even a giveaway…interested? )


5.  Urban Decay Primer Potion

·       $19.00
·       I use this on myself and all my clients before applying any eyeshadow.  Using a primer helps make the eyeshadow colors pop, prevents creasing, and keeps shadows in place all day long.  If you tend to use drug store eyeshadows, this is a great addition to your makeup collection to really get the most out of them! The Primer Potions comes in a few different shades so check them out!

6.  Smashbox Photofinish Primer
·       $32-48.00 (depending on formulation)
·       If you tend to feel like your foundation wears off, moves, or settles in to fine lines throughout the day then a face primer will be perfect for you.  I don’t use a face primer every day (lots of people do though, I just don’t wear foundation daily), but if I want to guarantee that my makeup looks fresh throughout an event I always prime my face. 


7.  Urban Decay Naked Palette

·       $48.00
·       If you are going to have any eyeshadow palette this is the one to have.  The color range is perfect for everyday neutral, wearable eye looks for school or work.  Then using the darker shades it’s super easy to create fun smokey eyes, perfect for a night out!  Definitely a makeup must have.  I usually take this palette only when traveling, big space saver! (THIS JUST IN!!! Urban Decay is set to release a Naked 2 palette December 1st!  Keep an eye out-I'M SO EXCITED!!)

8.  NARS Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight

·       $24.00
·       This is a beautiful light pink color that will look great on everyone.  You’ll fall in love with this gloss!

9.  Laura Geller Toast of the Town Kit
·       $59.50
·       This is a great little makeup bundle that includes something for the face, lips, eyes, and cheeks!  I haven’t tried all of these products but I love the Laura Geller products I have tried, so I know these would be great.  This is perfect for someone who is new to Laura Geller products or someone starting out in the makeup world since this kit includes products used all over!

10.  Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner
·       $15.00
·       If you’ve never tried a gel eyeliner, then you have to try this particular gel liner!  Gel eyeliners are my favorite because they are as smooth and intense as a liquid liner, but as easy to use as a pencil.  As a little added bonus gel eyeliners are essentially waterproof (aka looong wearing!).  I've tried numerous brands of gel eyeliners and this Clinque one is by far my favorite!

Who's excited about a beauty filled Christmas?!  And let me know about the give away!

For the love of beauty and making Christmas list,
...Casey B 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is right around the corner so I thought I’d do post on some beauty related products that would be great stocking stuffer ideas!  Even if you aren’t literally stuffing a stocking for someone, add a few of these into their gift to make it extra special.

As an added bonus ALL of these products can be found at your local drug stores for $10 or less (woop-woop!).

1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss ($8.00) - Read about my love for this product here!

2.  Revlon Colorbust Lip Butters ($8.00) - Since this is a brand spankin' new product I haven't even tried these for myself yet.  However, I've heard TONS of great reviews on them and seen a million swatches...I can't wait to snag a few of these for myself (...and a friend, right?!).  These lip butters are supposed to be the happy medium between a lip balm and a lipstick!

3.  EOS Lip Balms ($3.50) - These little babies are my favorite lip balms, I literally have them everywhere. They are perfect for keeping your lips hydrated all winter long.  You can purchase them individually or in a sets of 3, perfect for splitting between 3 lucky friends for Christmas!  My favorite flavors?...the lemon and the mint!  

4. Confetti Nail Polishes ($3.00) - Nail polish is a fun way to personalize any gift.  Pick out a color your friend wouldn't normally purchase for herself to keep it fun!  With this price tag, and the huge array of colors, give them a couple!
5.  Milani Retractable Eyeliners ($5.00) - I love these eyeliners!  I use them as a regular liner or blend them in to use as a base for an eyeshadow.  They come in a range of neutrals, blues, and even greens!
6. A Set of Fake Lashes ($5.00) and Duo Lash Glue ($6.00) - Lashes are a girls best friend (and diamonds...but we're on the cheap!)!  You can pick out full sets, half sets, and even individual clusters.  My favorites are the Ardell Demi Wispies (natural looking without being too long or thick) and individuals.

These come in different lengths: short, medium, long.  Go for the short or medium,
the long ones are going to be too long for 99% of ladies.

There's more then one Duo.  Some try clear and other dry black, I always go with clear.

7. Eyelash Curler ($5-10.00) - Eye lash curlers come in a range of prices so take your pick! To read more about curling your lashes click here.

8.  Tweezers ($10.00) - I really like the Revlon Ultimate Point Tweezers because the tip is super fine, perfect for getting every little hair (and for applying lashes!). 

9.  Grooming Scissors ($10.00) - Perfect for trimming brows!  Click here for more brow tips!

10. Physician's Formula Eyebrightener ($8.00) - I LOVE THESE and they come in a couple different shades.  These are the perfect shadows for hilighting your brow bones and the inner corners or your eyes.  I also like to use them across the tops of the cheeks, on the cupids bow, and down the bridge of the nose for an extra glowy complexion.

As I’ve mentioned before, drug stores have sales on their makeup ALL the time, and if you have a store card you can add even more to the savings.  For all the people who shop at CVS don’t forget to scan your CVS card at the stand alone card-scanner-thingy (that’s what I call it anyways) every time you go in.  You never know when a $5 in Extrabucks coupon will print out.  SCORE!

Another great place to look for beauty related gifts is TJMaxx!  Check out their makeup, skin care items, and even fragrances!  They have all name brand products but for a fraction of the cost.  I recently bought the Shady Lady palette by The Balm for $12 (reg. $40.00)!  Granted it has been out for a while but I’ve wanted it for for-ev-er.  I was so excited to see it in TJMaxx! I snatched up in a hurry, and I’ve used it every day since.  Who doesn’t love TJMaxx?!

Want to see a "Santa List" of products that are over this $10.00 limit?  Let me know!

For the love of beauty and great gifts for under $10,
...Casey B

Monday, November 14, 2011

Product Love: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses

What: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses
Wallet: $8.00
Where to buy: your local drug store
Why I'm loving it:  These lipglosses are an awesome find!  They give your lips great shine like you expect from a gloss, without being glittery or overly sticky.  There are 12 shades in this collection, and between you and me....I want them all.  Theses glosses are very pigmented, so the color you see in the tube is going to be the color on your lips. Since you can find them at your local drug store and for a great price at that, everyone lady should pick up a shade or two!  (Don't forget to check out the sales at your local drug store, makeup goes on sale all the time!)  Plus for a little extra incentive they're SPF 15!  Whoop-whoop!

Colors I have (and loooooove):
Coral Reef- a beautiful true coral that is perfect for brightening up
your smile and overall makeup look
Nude Lustre- a great gloss to keep in your bag as your "go to" lip color on the go.
 It's a peach toned nude which will look great on everyone, and will give
you the nude pout you want with out looking washed out. 
Firecracker- Nervous about wearing color on your lips?  Try this for a red lip instead of using a
lipstick and liner.  It's a great wash of red without being overpowering.

Now more importantly, which color am I wanting to get my hands on?!

Lillac Pastel- How pretty is this shade of purple?!  I think this is a great color to have on
hand year round to give your lips a little pop of unexpected color.  Do you own a purple lipgloss already?
So next time your out and about give this lipglosses a second look.  If you already own some of these let me know what you think of them! 
Which colors do you have?  
Which colors do you want to try?  

Let's not forget Christmas is right around the corner and these babies would make great stocking stuffers or gift ideas for your friends.  Speaking of, that might be a fun post idea!  Who would be interested in seeing fun makeup/beauty related gift ideas for the holidays?  Let me know by posting a comment below or on my facebook page!

For the love of beauty and great drugstore makeup,
...Casey B

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trend to Try: Vampy Red Lips

Red lips are classic and they always will be (Hello!  Can you say Marilyn?!).  So, how can a classic red lip be a trend this season?  It’s the shade red you’re using.  Go for more garnet (go Cocks!), wine, or berry toned reds as opposed to your bright reds (like I used for my pinup look). 

Here' the look on the runway:

I love this shade!  I need to find one similar....

Here's how I would rock the red:

I paired my vampy red lips with an extra thick winged liner
A lot of ladies feel nervous about wearing a great red lip, or any bright lip color for that matter.  It’s always, “My lips are too small.” or “My lips or too big.” or “I don’t want to draw attention to my teeth.”  or my favorite, “I just don’t like lipstick.”  In all honesty I can somewhat understand a little of all of these…except the one about big lips.  I wish I could relate to that one.  

So what do I have to say to those comments?  STOOOOP IT!  Your lips are PERFECT, you are BEAUTIFUL, and most importantly: ANYONE can pull off ANY makeup look ANYTIME with a little bit of CONFIDENCE.  Just go for it, it will be awesome!

Think your lips are too small? 
  • Highlight your cupids bow with a white eyeliner, white eyeshadow, or a highlighting powder
  • Over draw your lips a little to give a natural more plump looking pout. 
  • Apply a gloss to the center of your lips to add a little extra dimension, making them look fuller.
This is the display in my local CVS, check it out next time your in there.  Notice how they over drew Gwen's top lip for the photo.  See!  Even celebrities don't have the "perfect" lips.
Think your lips are too big? 
  • Use a concealer that matches your skin tone over your whole lip to cancel out your lip color
  • Powder over top with your face powder to lock in your concealer, then line inside your natural lip line
  • Skip the gloss and stick to a satin or matte finish with your lipstick.
(But here’s the deal, your lips can NEVER be too big.  Just my opinion but I’m sticking to it.) 

Other benefits from a red lip?
  • It’s an instant teeth whitener!! Everyone’s teeth look whiter next to a red lip.  Excellent!
  • If you wear a bold lip that’s the focal point of the look.  Why is that a benefit?  Because you can get away with less makeup everywhere else!  You still want to concentrate on perfecting your skin (foundation, concealer etc), but skip all the heavy eye shadows--which is where most of the time is spent when getting doing makeup.  Yay for time savers!
Pair your bold, deep red lips with a few other trends this season and you are ready to go!

I saw this video recently and thought it would be good to share since I've talked about lipsticks the last two post.  Find out how to use the same lipstick many different ways! 

For the love of beauty and all things garnet,
...Casey B

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trend to Try: 3 Trends in 1!

Spidery lashes, bright lips, and bold brows are all in for Fall/Winter 2011.  These trends pack enough punch to be worn individually, but since only one deals with color they look AMAZING combined!  Pairing all 3 trends together gives a fresh and modern look perfect for the fall and winter months ahead!

Here’s how the look appeared on the runway:

Spidery Lashes
Bright Lips
Bold Brows
Put them all together and you get something like this...

What did I use?
  • I mixed two lip liners: NYX Dolly Mix and MAC Magenta
  • Covergirl lipstick in Temptress 
  • MAC brow pencil in Lingering with Coquette eyeshadow over top
  • MAC mineralized skin finish in Soft and Gentle for hilighting
**The lips are a lot brighter in person...see the SIDE NOTE at the end of the post**

·       You want to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing, so avoid full coverage foundations.  Reach for a tinted moisturizer or lighter coverage foundation.  What?!  You don’t have one?!  It’s ok, mix a little moisturizer with your foundation to thin it out and you’re good to go.
·       Spend a little extra time concealing problem areas: under the eyes, blemishes, around the nose and chin (women tend to have redness in these areas).  Don’t forget to conceal the eyelids if you have discoloration (like me!) since we aren’t wearing shadows. 
·       Go easy on the powder by only applying it to your T-zone only.  Let the skin have a dewy-er finish while sporting one (or all 3) of these trends.
·       To really give the skin an extra glow: apply a highlighter along the tops of the cheek bones, right under and above the brows, and the inner corner of your eyes.  If you don’t have a highlighter use a shimmery white or beige eye shadow!
·       For the cheeks add some subtle contouring just to give a little dimension to the face.  Avoid heavy or overly bright cheek colors; a light wash of color will be perfect.
·       GO BOLD!  Try a hot pink, neon orange, purple, or coral.  I think it looks incredibly chic when someone has on minimal makeup and a bold lip! 
·       To help your lip color last, line your lips with a coordinating lip pencil before applying your lipstick.
·       If you want to add a lip gloss, apply it only to the center of your lips.  It will give the same effect as having it all over, but your lipstick will stay on much longer.
·       Don’t be afraid of a matte lip!  I tend to like matte lips better for fall/winter, even if I’m wearing a bright lipstick.  Another trick to keeping the lipstick on longer—dab a matching eyeshadow on over top with your finger! 
·       What are some of my favorite lip colors?  Check them out here.
·       All you need to know about lashes can be found riiiiight here
·       To give a little extra “ummmph” to your spidery lashes add some individual lash clusters to the outside third of your eye before applying mascara.  It will give a little extra length for those who need it and also give the mascara a little extra something to cling to.
·       Apply AT LEAST 3 coats of mascara—Spidery lashes, remember?!
·       All you need to know about filling in your brows can be found riiiiight here
·       To really achieve this look, fill in your brows a little heavier than you would normally as well as with a dark color. 
·       Try a different brow shape!  Now’s the time to do it! (It will look GREAT, don’t worry!)

See how easy trends can be?!  These trends are fast, simple, and require very few products to recreate.  So the next time you wake up late for work or school remember, achieving a fresh-faced and trendy makeup look is super easy, even in a time crunch!

Want to see some of the other trends to try this season?  Check out the reverse smokey eye and the metallic smokey eyes!

SIDE NOTE: Now, I need your help!  I need a new camera better suited for these makeup pictures (clearly).  If you have any suggestions PLEASE write them below or on my facebook page.  I'd reaaaalllly appreciate it! :)

For the love of beauty and bold lips,
…Casey B