Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kristen Stewart Makeup Look

Love her, hate her, or jealous of her because she’s dating Robert Pattinson (…that would be me…), Kristen Stewart is the main focus of this post!  I’ll be recreating this smokey eye look she wore to the Breaking Dawn Part I LA Premier. 

I would say over all Kristen isn’t much of a makeup girl in her everyday life (from what I can tell anyways).  In my opinion she’s one of those women who seem to look her best when she’s wearing a more natural makeup, letting her natural beauty shine through.   Even though she’s wearing a great smokey eye that’s anything but natural in this look, it’s paired with natural skin, minimal blush, and bare lips.  This is how Kristen does glamorous, and I think it’s perfect for her.  If Kristen paired those smokey eyes with flawless full coverage foundation, shiny nude lip, and tons of bronzer, you would be wondering “what tha hey is going on with her face?!” It’s just not her personality.  

Let's recreate the look, shall we?

What products did I use?

-Black eyeliner smudged in the lash line and drawn out to create the shape of the shadow, blended out
- 3 Eyeshadows for the lids- Carbon, Copperplate, and Patina by MAC
-MAC Coquette shadow to fill in my brows (a shade darker then I would normally use)
-I curled my lashes and added my favorite mascara
-super light foundation to keep the skin very simple, MAC face and body
-MACs blush in Happy Together, the matte side only (no shimmer on the cheeks!)

Kristen tends to have a girl next door look and feel to her (like I mentioned earlier), and this smokey eye looks great! I point that out just to say that if you aren't use to wearing makeup on a regular basis or maybe your like Kristen and you tend to look your best in a more natural makeup look, this could be the perfect smokey eye for you!  Give it a try the next time you feel like glam-ing up for a special occasion.  

If you are use to wearing lots of makeup and you want to go all out with the look, do it! Hello diva (love it).

See!  Same eyes, completely different look and fill when
you add in the other makeup elements.
Now...more importantly: WHICH. TEAM.

For the love of beauty and TEAM EDWARD (ohh yeaaa),
...Casey B 

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