Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trend to Try: 3 Trends in 1!

Spidery lashes, bright lips, and bold brows are all in for Fall/Winter 2011.  These trends pack enough punch to be worn individually, but since only one deals with color they look AMAZING combined!  Pairing all 3 trends together gives a fresh and modern look perfect for the fall and winter months ahead!

Here’s how the look appeared on the runway:

Spidery Lashes
Bright Lips
Bold Brows
Put them all together and you get something like this...

What did I use?
  • I mixed two lip liners: NYX Dolly Mix and MAC Magenta
  • Covergirl lipstick in Temptress 
  • MAC brow pencil in Lingering with Coquette eyeshadow over top
  • MAC mineralized skin finish in Soft and Gentle for hilighting
**The lips are a lot brighter in person...see the SIDE NOTE at the end of the post**

·       You want to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing, so avoid full coverage foundations.  Reach for a tinted moisturizer or lighter coverage foundation.  What?!  You don’t have one?!  It’s ok, mix a little moisturizer with your foundation to thin it out and you’re good to go.
·       Spend a little extra time concealing problem areas: under the eyes, blemishes, around the nose and chin (women tend to have redness in these areas).  Don’t forget to conceal the eyelids if you have discoloration (like me!) since we aren’t wearing shadows. 
·       Go easy on the powder by only applying it to your T-zone only.  Let the skin have a dewy-er finish while sporting one (or all 3) of these trends.
·       To really give the skin an extra glow: apply a highlighter along the tops of the cheek bones, right under and above the brows, and the inner corner of your eyes.  If you don’t have a highlighter use a shimmery white or beige eye shadow!
·       For the cheeks add some subtle contouring just to give a little dimension to the face.  Avoid heavy or overly bright cheek colors; a light wash of color will be perfect.
·       GO BOLD!  Try a hot pink, neon orange, purple, or coral.  I think it looks incredibly chic when someone has on minimal makeup and a bold lip! 
·       To help your lip color last, line your lips with a coordinating lip pencil before applying your lipstick.
·       If you want to add a lip gloss, apply it only to the center of your lips.  It will give the same effect as having it all over, but your lipstick will stay on much longer.
·       Don’t be afraid of a matte lip!  I tend to like matte lips better for fall/winter, even if I’m wearing a bright lipstick.  Another trick to keeping the lipstick on longer—dab a matching eyeshadow on over top with your finger! 
·       What are some of my favorite lip colors?  Check them out here.
·       All you need to know about lashes can be found riiiiight here
·       To give a little extra “ummmph” to your spidery lashes add some individual lash clusters to the outside third of your eye before applying mascara.  It will give a little extra length for those who need it and also give the mascara a little extra something to cling to.
·       Apply AT LEAST 3 coats of mascara—Spidery lashes, remember?!
·       All you need to know about filling in your brows can be found riiiiight here
·       To really achieve this look, fill in your brows a little heavier than you would normally as well as with a dark color. 
·       Try a different brow shape!  Now’s the time to do it! (It will look GREAT, don’t worry!)

See how easy trends can be?!  These trends are fast, simple, and require very few products to recreate.  So the next time you wake up late for work or school remember, achieving a fresh-faced and trendy makeup look is super easy, even in a time crunch!

Want to see some of the other trends to try this season?  Check out the reverse smokey eye and the metallic smokey eyes!

SIDE NOTE: Now, I need your help!  I need a new camera better suited for these makeup pictures (clearly).  If you have any suggestions PLEASE write them below or on my facebook page.  I'd reaaaalllly appreciate it! :)

For the love of beauty and bold lips,
…Casey B

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