Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trend to Try: Vampy Red Lips

Red lips are classic and they always will be (Hello!  Can you say Marilyn?!).  So, how can a classic red lip be a trend this season?  It’s the shade red you’re using.  Go for more garnet (go Cocks!), wine, or berry toned reds as opposed to your bright reds (like I used for my pinup look). 

Here' the look on the runway:

I love this shade!  I need to find one similar....

Here's how I would rock the red:

I paired my vampy red lips with an extra thick winged liner
A lot of ladies feel nervous about wearing a great red lip, or any bright lip color for that matter.  It’s always, “My lips are too small.” or “My lips or too big.” or “I don’t want to draw attention to my teeth.”  or my favorite, “I just don’t like lipstick.”  In all honesty I can somewhat understand a little of all of these…except the one about big lips.  I wish I could relate to that one.  

So what do I have to say to those comments?  STOOOOP IT!  Your lips are PERFECT, you are BEAUTIFUL, and most importantly: ANYONE can pull off ANY makeup look ANYTIME with a little bit of CONFIDENCE.  Just go for it, it will be awesome!

Think your lips are too small? 
  • Highlight your cupids bow with a white eyeliner, white eyeshadow, or a highlighting powder
  • Over draw your lips a little to give a natural more plump looking pout. 
  • Apply a gloss to the center of your lips to add a little extra dimension, making them look fuller.
This is the display in my local CVS, check it out next time your in there.  Notice how they over drew Gwen's top lip for the photo.  See!  Even celebrities don't have the "perfect" lips.
Think your lips are too big? 
  • Use a concealer that matches your skin tone over your whole lip to cancel out your lip color
  • Powder over top with your face powder to lock in your concealer, then line inside your natural lip line
  • Skip the gloss and stick to a satin or matte finish with your lipstick.
(But here’s the deal, your lips can NEVER be too big.  Just my opinion but I’m sticking to it.) 

Other benefits from a red lip?
  • It’s an instant teeth whitener!! Everyone’s teeth look whiter next to a red lip.  Excellent!
  • If you wear a bold lip that’s the focal point of the look.  Why is that a benefit?  Because you can get away with less makeup everywhere else!  You still want to concentrate on perfecting your skin (foundation, concealer etc), but skip all the heavy eye shadows--which is where most of the time is spent when getting doing makeup.  Yay for time savers!
Pair your bold, deep red lips with a few other trends this season and you are ready to go!

I saw this video recently and thought it would be good to share since I've talked about lipsticks the last two post.  Find out how to use the same lipstick many different ways! 

For the love of beauty and all things garnet,
...Casey B


  1. Ok, ok.....I'll quit complaining about my big lips!

  2. Lol Kelly!! How'd you know that was just for you?! LUCKY!! So next time we go out I can put some red lips on you, right? :)