Friday, December 30, 2011

Product Love: Kate Moss' Lipstick Collection

What: The Kate Collection by Rimmel London
Wallet: $5.00
Where to buy: Local drug stores,
Why I’m lovin’ it:  This is Kate’s first ever lipstick collection for Rimmel London and it’s fabulous!  I love everything about these lipsticks: the colors, the sleek black packaging, her red signature on the side, and most importantly the way these colors wear on the lips! 
I have 2 of the seven shades, but at $5.00 each…I think I’ll get them all.  I’ve really been loving shade 12 which is an orangy-coraly-red color.  If you are looking for a great true red, there’s also one in this collection!
The lipsticks are more of a satin/matte finish, not glossy at all but they don’t feel drying on the lips. I’ve been really into matte lips lately so I’ve been patting some translucent powder over top to matte them completely (plus it locks in the lipstick which means it last longer!).  The colors wear nicely, and fade evenly as well.  Which is important!  No one wants that weird ring around the outside edge of their lip when their bright lipstick fades away. Gross.
I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: I LOVE LIP PRODUCTS!  Your lip color can either complete the perfect makeup look or even make the look.  A lot of times I’ll opt for a bright, dark or any non-neutral lip color and pair it with a little black eyeliner and lots of mascara and I’m good to go for a night out.  Besides bold lips look super chic when paired with minimal makeup.  So never forget your pout, ladies!

For the love of beauty and Kate,
...Casey B

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lady Gaga's Interview Look

This is my final Lady Gaga inspired look, and I’ve gotten it in right before Christmas! Yay!! I’ve loved all the looks so far, but this might just be my favorite.  Don’t let the title fool you, this is not an interview makeup look by any means (so don’t show up to your next job interview with this on!).   This is a Lady Gaga interview look…quite different.  Nonetheless, this is a put together look (especially for Gaga) with a little bit of a sparkly twist, perfect for your upcoming holiday plans!

AND you all get to meet my best friend Liz!  I've been doing her makeup since we were like 7.  Literally.

The emphasis in this look is obvious; it’s the fun silver and black liner along the lower lash line!

Here’s my version of the look…

Here’s the beauty breakdown…
·         Prime your lid (MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre)
·         Light beige eyeshadow (lid and under the brow bone- Naked by MAC)
·         Dark brown eyeshadow (lightly define the crease- Espresso by MAC)
·         White or silver eye liner (in the waterline, under the tear duct, and extended past he outside corner of the eye as well- NYX milk Jumbo Eye Pencil)
·         Shimmery silver eyeshadow (press on top of the liner to set it and make it pop- Electra by MAC)
·         Glitter liner (over the silver shadow to give even more emphasis to it- NYX Disco Ball)
·         Black liner (for the upper lash line and to follow underneath the silver on the lower lash line)
·         Black mascara
·         Lashes (go as big or as bold as you would like!

For the eyes, really concentrate on making the silver under the eyes stand out as much as possible.  That little bit of glitter and sparkle is what really makes this look so special and festive!  Other than that the eyes are very neutral and basic. 

Cheeks and Lips:
·         Matte peach blush (Peaches by MAC)
·         Nude lip liner (line lips but do not fill in- Stone by MAC)
·         Nude lipstick (#14 in Kate Moss' new line of lipsticks for Rimmel)

Gaga is wearing a defined lip liner, but feel free to blend yours in completely if you’d like!

  • Add some glitter to the lid
  • Instead of silver choose a different color for the liner underneath (plums, golds,  and greens would be great too!)
  • Do a red or scarlet lip instead of the neutral mouth

So that’s it!  To check out my other 3 festive Gaga inspired looks click the links below!

Christmas day around here is jaaaammed pack.  I want to try and do a mini post on Christmas or soon after showing the makeup look I wore that day and maybe some fun family pictures I took along the way!  What look will I choose…or will it be something completely different…  We all know that really depends on what new clothes Santa brings, right?!

We tried to take some pictures together...and they all looked like this.

For the love of beauty and being super excited about Christmas,
…Casey B

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lady Gaga at the 2010 Grammys

I’m back with my third Lady Gaga inspired look that I think would be fun and festive for the fast approaching holidays!  What’s that…you didn’t see my first two?!  Check them out here:

For the third look I chose Lady Gaga at the 2010 Grammys!  Who doesn’t remember this look?!

The emphasis in the look is…well…everything!  Smokey eyes, strong brows, and bright lips.  I understand this look could potentially be a little scary to a few ladies (…or most ladies?), but I for one am in love with it.  One of the biggest “rules” in makeup is to pick one feature at a time to emphasize.  It’s the sure-fire way to avoid looking like a clown.  But we all know what they say about rules; they’re just meant to be broken!

Here’s my version of the look…

Here’s the beauty breakdown…


  • prime your lid (Green Stroke by MAC)
  • Silver eyeshadow (all over the lid and under the eye- Electra by MAC)
  • dark green eyeshadow (apply over the silver- Club by MAC)
  • Light brown (contour and blend out crease and under the eye- Puppy by Stila)

The hard part as far as the eyes go is finding the shade of shimmery silvery-green eyeshadow to use.  Other than that there’s nothing tricky about this shadow application!  She is wearing false eyelashes in this look, but they aren’t nearly as dramatic as the other looks. Choose a natural, full set of lashes for a little extra length.

For the bold brows Gaga is wearing fill in your brows with a darker shade then usual and extend the tail end of your brow down further for a little extra drama!

Cheeks and Lips:
  • Bright pink blush (applied lightly- Pink Swoon by MAC)
  • Hot pink lips (I used NYX Dollymix Lip Liner & MAC Magenta lip liner with an Inglot lipstick 
The little bit of green in the eyeshadow looks amazing with the hot pink lip!

Options to jazz it up!  JUST KIDDING.  This time the options are for toning it down (if you must...):
  • The obvious choice for toning the look down is to pick one: eyes or lips.  If you like the lip color and aren’t sure about the eyes check out my Festive Pink Gaga Inspired Look as an option.  It’s virtually the same lip color but with different eyes! 
  • Don't forget about the strong brow and bold lip combo, it's very fresh and pretty!  (Like this one here.)
  • Go for a bright pink gloss instead of the lipstick.  It will be a shear wash of color but still give a similar over all affect without being as bold.
  • Go lighter on the brows
  • Choose matte eyeshadows  instead of shimmery ones
  • Don’t bring the shadow up above the crease; keep it on the lid only for a more subtle smokey-ness.
  • Keep the shadow very close to the lower lash line instead of bringing it down so far.

Just give it a try!  That’s one of the best things about makeup, it easily washes off!  If you get the eye look on and add your pink lipstick and absolutely hate it, just wipe it off and go for a nude lip or clear gloss.  No harm done!  I have a feeling most ladies wouldn’t hate the look on themselves, they would just be too nervous to wear it.  The truth of the matter is this: the only thing you need to pull off any look is the confidence to do so.  I know it would look great on you!

For the love of beauty and daring to do it,
…Casey B

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Viva Glam Gaga Inspired Look

This is my second out of four Lady Gaga inspired looks that I think would be perfect for the upcoming holidays!  If you missed the first look make sure to check it out riiiight here.  It’s very PINK!

The second Lady Gaga look I chose to recreate is the look she was wearing in her ads for MAC’s Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick and gloss. 

The Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick and gloss are a neutrally shade, so in the ad my attention goes straight to her bolder eye look.  None the less, I love her plumy-pinky-brownish eye look here!

The emphasis in this eye look is definitely the lower lash line (remember my reverse smokey eye post?!).

Here’s my version of the look…

Here’s the beauty breakdown…

·       White shadow(inner corner of and  lid-Pure White MAC pigment)
·       Light beige shadow (lid and brow bone-Naked by MAC)
·       Plum shadow (lower lash line and crease- Sketch by MAC)
·       Pink toned brown shadow (blend out edges of plum shadow-Soft Brown by MAC)
·       Black eyeshadow (press along the root of the lower lashes to darken them-Carbon by MAC)
·       Black eye liner (upper lash line- Wet N Wild liquid liner pen)
·       White or nude liner (waterline)

What most people will have a hard time doing for this look is bringing the shadow down far enough on the lower lash line.  It’s going to seem weird to some because we usually don’t smoke out our eyes out that low.  You know it looks good, so once you think you’ve brought the shadow down far enough go down a little bit more!  Looking at my pictures, I could have definitely gone down lower!
·       If you ever accidently apply a shadow to heavily, just dab a blending blush in your face powder and blend it out.  No worries in makeup!
·       Conceal under the eyes AFTER you apply your shadow.  We don’t need to conceal places that will be covered with shadow, and it will help to clean up the edges when we are finished!

Another key feature to this look is to leave that little gap of white shadow between the bottom of your tear duct and the shadow under the eye.  This helps to keep the eyes wide open even though there’s a lot of shadow underneath them.

 Gaga’s brows in the ad are bleached which was a popular look in the summer.  It’s very editorial and not necessarily wearable for most people.  So for this look I would suggest lightly filling in your brows with a shadow that’s on the lighter side of what you would normally use.  She’s also wearing false lashes.  I would go for a half strip or even some individual lashes concentrated on the outside corner of the eye.  If you don’t want to bother with lashes, just double (…or triple…or quadruple) up on the mascara!  Don’t forget to give your lashes a good curl first!

Cheeks and Lips:
·       Matte peach blush (applied lightly-MAC Peaches)
·       Nude lipstick and gloss (I mixed a bunch of colors and used Stone lipliner by MAC)

Since this is the Viva Glam Gaga ad, she’s obviously wearing her lipstick and gloss on her lips.  I don’t own either of those so I had to find one similar.  It really doesn’t matter what shade you use, the point of the look is to go with a nude lip.  Choose whichever shade works best you!

·       Glitter on the lids is always more festive
·       Highlighting the cheeks with a shimmer highlighter or shadow.  I wouldn’t go for a darker or brighter blush…let the eyes do the talking in this look.
·       Full sets of lashes
·       Change up the color scheme!  Try browns, greys, silvers, blacks, teals, or golds.  They would all look great.  Go for whatever compliments your festive outfit the best.
·       Don’t forget nude lips come in all kinds of undertones: pinks, tans, corals, peaches, and even purples.  Don’t be afraid to play, mix, and match!

Two more Lady Gaga looks to get in before Christmas and they are just as fun as the first two!  Check back soon to see which ones I picked!

Has anyone else decided how they were wearing their makeup for the holidays?

For the love of beauty and celebrity makeup looks,
…Casey B

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Festive Pink Gaga Inspired Look

Lady Gaga is known for constantly reinventing herself with crazy costumes, hair styles, accessories, and of course makeup.   I’m always interested to see what her complete look is going to be so I’ve recently gone through and picked out 4 of her makeup looks that I think would be great for Christmas or New Years.  Don’t worry!  None of them include lightning bolts across the face or horns growing from the cheeks and temples.  They are all actually really pretty and wearable looks!  I’m going to try and do all four before Christmas, so let’s get started with this fun pink look!  

The main focus of this look is thick black liner, full lashes (get out your falsies!), and of course that pretty pink lip!

Here’s my version of the look…
(the colors looked brighter in person)

Here’s the beauty breakdown…

  • White base (inner corner and lid- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk) 
  • frosty white shadow (for the lid and brow bone- I used one from the 88 shimmer palette)
  • frosty pinky color (for the crease - also from the 88 shimmer palette)
  • black liner
The shadow for this look is pretty basic; the liner is the part that can be a little tricky.  It’s applied in a specific shape to give the eye that heavy lid/droopy eye look.  To really achieve this you don’t want to start the liner all the way at the inner corner.  So then where do you start it?  If you look straight ahead into the mirror, you want to start the liner where your iris (the colored part) starts on the inside part of your eye. 

Finished liner shape
From that point you want to draw a thick line that comes out to a small wing on the outside.  You want the liner shape to be very round so follow the natural shape of your eye and don’t flatten the line out. 

Liner Reminders:
·       It’s easier to start out with a thin line, and then build up from there.
·       Don’t leave any small gaps between your liner and your lashes.  We want it to be super dark, so tight line your eyes as well.
In the picture Gaga has on a huge, thick, full set of lashes.  It looks great (I love it) but it might not be the most wearable thing for Christmas dinner with the family.  You can go for a more natural looking full set of lashes or even a fuller half set.  I opted for the fuller half set.

Cheeks and Lips:
  • bright pink blush (MAC Pink Swoon)
  • hot pink lip (NYX Dolly Mix liner and Viva Glam Gaga lip gloss by MAC)
Gaga chose a matte bright pink lip and cheek combo.  This monochrome pink look through the eyes, cheeks, and lips is very refreshing and fresh looking. Plus the pop of bright pink on the lips is festive for the holidays without being your usual Christmas-ey red lip.  If red is more your style, check out my vampy red lip look!

If you’d like to play up the look a little more for the Holidays (for New Year’s perhaps) here are a few options to take it up a notch:
·       Go for the over the top lashes!
·       Add a glitter to the lid of your eyes for some extra sparkle
·       Instead of keeping your cheeks matte, make them glow!  Do this by adding a shimmery white or nude toned highlighter along the top of your cheek bones. If you don’t have a highlighter use an eyeshadow instead, same thing!
·       Add some gloss or even glitter to those lips!

I hope you all like this look, and don’t forget to check back soon for more Gaga inspired holiday looks!  If you haven’t already liked my makeup page on facebook, click here and become a fan!  I always post links to my newest blog post so you’ll be among the first to know when something new goes up!  (Plus hints of upcoming post topics!)

For the love of beauty and a full face of pinkness,
…Casey B

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Years Eve Makeup Look

New Years Eve Makeup Look

If there’s ever a time to go all out with glitter it’s NYE!  Whether you layer up with sequined clothes, glittery heels, or tons of shimmer in your makeup--it will all be perfect for the New Years Eve festivities.  I recently picked out my outfit for new years (I know…I’m a little early, but I’m so excited!) so I thought I’d start playing with some makeup look ideas to go with it!

Here’s the first look I came up with…

I layered lots of MAC's reflects pearl and antique gold glitters on the lid to give me the sparkle  I was looking for. I think I like this option...I should probably be thinking about Christmas first right?

For the love of beauty and planning a whole look almost a month in advance,
...Casey B

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011 Makeup Look

Did you watch it?  You know you did…at least for a few minutes!

There’s always a lot going on for the VS fashion shows but what do I pay attention to?  The makeup…it never fails.  The typical makeup look for a VS angel is golden shadows, shimmer everywhere, and bronzer galore.  This year the look was way softer, more natural, and luckily very simple to recreate!

This look is so simple and fresh it would be perfect for an everyday look for work or school.  To get the look you’ll need minimal products and most of them you probably already own (even better!).  Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Product List (what I used in parentheses):
·       Prep the skin with your favorite moisturizer of face primer to make sure the skin looks healthy and hydrated before applying foundation (Kiehls moisturizer)
·       Tinted moisturizer or a light liquid foundation (Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer)
·       Concealer for under eyes, blemishes, eye lids (MAC select cover-up)
·       Loose powder just over the t-zone if you have oily skin, skip if you have dry skin 
·       Rosy colored blush, cream blush would best because it keeps the skin looking dewy (MAC Posey)
·       A cream colored eyeshadow(MAC paint pot in bare study and MAC e/s in All That Glitters)
·       Black liquid liner (Wet N Wild Liquid Liner Pen)
·       Pinky nude lipstick and lip gloss (Anastasia lipgloss in Pink Pout)
·       Brow pencil or powder (all of the angels have nicely defined brows, don’t forget to do yours!)
·       Black mascara
·       If you have thin/short lashes, try adding some individual lashes to the outside corners to  help define your eyes a little more

Here’s the look!

Here’s a few of the makeup looks from the past.  See how much softer and natural this year’s look was? 

2006 - Purples
2007 - Brown Smokey Eyes
Unlike some of the makeup looks from years past, this look is supposed to be airy, fresh, and minimal.  Perfect for everyday if you ask me! So pull out your liquid liner and give it a try!

For the love of beauty and angels,
…Casey B

Friday, December 2, 2011

Favorite Product: Z Palette

When it comes to storing anything the objective is to maximize the amount of stuff you can fit into the smallest space possible.  The same holds true when it comes to your makeup.  Whether you are an avid makeup collector or you have the bare minimum you still want to have your products organized and together.   Besides, the more organized you are the more likely you are to utilize the products you have AND make room for more (the real reason we organize, right?!). J  Never forget you have that awesome turquoise eye shadow again!

When putting together my kit for clients, I had to do a lot of research on the best ways to store and travel with makeup.  In this post I’ll let my little secret out of the bag by showing you the product I use to help me save space and organize my makeup.

Ladies and gentleman I introduce to you the Z Palette!

What do I store in mine?
-Eye shadows

Benefits of Organizating With Z Palettes:
  •        Very affordable way to organize and store the makeup you love
  •        Like products are together
  •        Clear tops so you can see products inside
  •        Space saver since you don’t have tons of individual containers lying around
  •        Comes in multiple sizes and fun patterns
  •        The whole bottom is magnetized so the metal pans makeup comes in will automatically stay in place
  •       No restricting slots for product to fit in so you can depot any brand of makeup and fit it into this                     palette (don’t know how to depot a product?  Instructional video linked below)
  •        MAC products can be bought at a cheaper price in the pans because you don’t  have to pay for the extra packaging
    •  Fully packaged eye shadows = $15.00 vs Eye shadow in the pan only = $11.50   
    •  Fully packaged blush = $19.50 vs Blush in the pan only = $16.50
  •        Very durable container to house your favorite makeup products
  •        Makes packing for weekend trip, vacation, or any type of traveling a breeze

Where can you purchase Z Palettes?

Become a fan of Z Palette on their facebook page and get a coupon code for 10% of your order!

For the love of beauty and keeping all your makeup safe,
...Casey B