Friday, December 2, 2011

Favorite Product: Z Palette

When it comes to storing anything the objective is to maximize the amount of stuff you can fit into the smallest space possible.  The same holds true when it comes to your makeup.  Whether you are an avid makeup collector or you have the bare minimum you still want to have your products organized and together.   Besides, the more organized you are the more likely you are to utilize the products you have AND make room for more (the real reason we organize, right?!). J  Never forget you have that awesome turquoise eye shadow again!

When putting together my kit for clients, I had to do a lot of research on the best ways to store and travel with makeup.  In this post I’ll let my little secret out of the bag by showing you the product I use to help me save space and organize my makeup.

Ladies and gentleman I introduce to you the Z Palette!

What do I store in mine?
-Eye shadows

Benefits of Organizating With Z Palettes:
  •        Very affordable way to organize and store the makeup you love
  •        Like products are together
  •        Clear tops so you can see products inside
  •        Space saver since you don’t have tons of individual containers lying around
  •        Comes in multiple sizes and fun patterns
  •        The whole bottom is magnetized so the metal pans makeup comes in will automatically stay in place
  •       No restricting slots for product to fit in so you can depot any brand of makeup and fit it into this                     palette (don’t know how to depot a product?  Instructional video linked below)
  •        MAC products can be bought at a cheaper price in the pans because you don’t  have to pay for the extra packaging
    •  Fully packaged eye shadows = $15.00 vs Eye shadow in the pan only = $11.50   
    •  Fully packaged blush = $19.50 vs Blush in the pan only = $16.50
  •        Very durable container to house your favorite makeup products
  •        Makes packing for weekend trip, vacation, or any type of traveling a breeze

Where can you purchase Z Palettes?

Become a fan of Z Palette on their facebook page and get a coupon code for 10% of your order!

For the love of beauty and keeping all your makeup safe,
...Casey B

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