Thursday, December 15, 2011

Festive Pink Gaga Inspired Look

Lady Gaga is known for constantly reinventing herself with crazy costumes, hair styles, accessories, and of course makeup.   I’m always interested to see what her complete look is going to be so I’ve recently gone through and picked out 4 of her makeup looks that I think would be great for Christmas or New Years.  Don’t worry!  None of them include lightning bolts across the face or horns growing from the cheeks and temples.  They are all actually really pretty and wearable looks!  I’m going to try and do all four before Christmas, so let’s get started with this fun pink look!  

The main focus of this look is thick black liner, full lashes (get out your falsies!), and of course that pretty pink lip!

Here’s my version of the look…
(the colors looked brighter in person)

Here’s the beauty breakdown…

  • White base (inner corner and lid- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk) 
  • frosty white shadow (for the lid and brow bone- I used one from the 88 shimmer palette)
  • frosty pinky color (for the crease - also from the 88 shimmer palette)
  • black liner
The shadow for this look is pretty basic; the liner is the part that can be a little tricky.  It’s applied in a specific shape to give the eye that heavy lid/droopy eye look.  To really achieve this you don’t want to start the liner all the way at the inner corner.  So then where do you start it?  If you look straight ahead into the mirror, you want to start the liner where your iris (the colored part) starts on the inside part of your eye. 

Finished liner shape
From that point you want to draw a thick line that comes out to a small wing on the outside.  You want the liner shape to be very round so follow the natural shape of your eye and don’t flatten the line out. 

Liner Reminders:
·       It’s easier to start out with a thin line, and then build up from there.
·       Don’t leave any small gaps between your liner and your lashes.  We want it to be super dark, so tight line your eyes as well.
In the picture Gaga has on a huge, thick, full set of lashes.  It looks great (I love it) but it might not be the most wearable thing for Christmas dinner with the family.  You can go for a more natural looking full set of lashes or even a fuller half set.  I opted for the fuller half set.

Cheeks and Lips:
  • bright pink blush (MAC Pink Swoon)
  • hot pink lip (NYX Dolly Mix liner and Viva Glam Gaga lip gloss by MAC)
Gaga chose a matte bright pink lip and cheek combo.  This monochrome pink look through the eyes, cheeks, and lips is very refreshing and fresh looking. Plus the pop of bright pink on the lips is festive for the holidays without being your usual Christmas-ey red lip.  If red is more your style, check out my vampy red lip look!

If you’d like to play up the look a little more for the Holidays (for New Year’s perhaps) here are a few options to take it up a notch:
·       Go for the over the top lashes!
·       Add a glitter to the lid of your eyes for some extra sparkle
·       Instead of keeping your cheeks matte, make them glow!  Do this by adding a shimmery white or nude toned highlighter along the top of your cheek bones. If you don’t have a highlighter use an eyeshadow instead, same thing!
·       Add some gloss or even glitter to those lips!

I hope you all like this look, and don’t forget to check back soon for more Gaga inspired holiday looks!  If you haven’t already liked my makeup page on facebook, click here and become a fan!  I always post links to my newest blog post so you’ll be among the first to know when something new goes up!  (Plus hints of upcoming post topics!)

For the love of beauty and a full face of pinkness,
…Casey B

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