Sunday, December 18, 2011

Viva Glam Gaga Inspired Look

This is my second out of four Lady Gaga inspired looks that I think would be perfect for the upcoming holidays!  If you missed the first look make sure to check it out riiiight here.  It’s very PINK!

The second Lady Gaga look I chose to recreate is the look she was wearing in her ads for MAC’s Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick and gloss. 

The Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick and gloss are a neutrally shade, so in the ad my attention goes straight to her bolder eye look.  None the less, I love her plumy-pinky-brownish eye look here!

The emphasis in this eye look is definitely the lower lash line (remember my reverse smokey eye post?!).

Here’s my version of the look…

Here’s the beauty breakdown…

·       White shadow(inner corner of and  lid-Pure White MAC pigment)
·       Light beige shadow (lid and brow bone-Naked by MAC)
·       Plum shadow (lower lash line and crease- Sketch by MAC)
·       Pink toned brown shadow (blend out edges of plum shadow-Soft Brown by MAC)
·       Black eyeshadow (press along the root of the lower lashes to darken them-Carbon by MAC)
·       Black eye liner (upper lash line- Wet N Wild liquid liner pen)
·       White or nude liner (waterline)

What most people will have a hard time doing for this look is bringing the shadow down far enough on the lower lash line.  It’s going to seem weird to some because we usually don’t smoke out our eyes out that low.  You know it looks good, so once you think you’ve brought the shadow down far enough go down a little bit more!  Looking at my pictures, I could have definitely gone down lower!
·       If you ever accidently apply a shadow to heavily, just dab a blending blush in your face powder and blend it out.  No worries in makeup!
·       Conceal under the eyes AFTER you apply your shadow.  We don’t need to conceal places that will be covered with shadow, and it will help to clean up the edges when we are finished!

Another key feature to this look is to leave that little gap of white shadow between the bottom of your tear duct and the shadow under the eye.  This helps to keep the eyes wide open even though there’s a lot of shadow underneath them.

 Gaga’s brows in the ad are bleached which was a popular look in the summer.  It’s very editorial and not necessarily wearable for most people.  So for this look I would suggest lightly filling in your brows with a shadow that’s on the lighter side of what you would normally use.  She’s also wearing false lashes.  I would go for a half strip or even some individual lashes concentrated on the outside corner of the eye.  If you don’t want to bother with lashes, just double (…or triple…or quadruple) up on the mascara!  Don’t forget to give your lashes a good curl first!

Cheeks and Lips:
·       Matte peach blush (applied lightly-MAC Peaches)
·       Nude lipstick and gloss (I mixed a bunch of colors and used Stone lipliner by MAC)

Since this is the Viva Glam Gaga ad, she’s obviously wearing her lipstick and gloss on her lips.  I don’t own either of those so I had to find one similar.  It really doesn’t matter what shade you use, the point of the look is to go with a nude lip.  Choose whichever shade works best you!

·       Glitter on the lids is always more festive
·       Highlighting the cheeks with a shimmer highlighter or shadow.  I wouldn’t go for a darker or brighter blush…let the eyes do the talking in this look.
·       Full sets of lashes
·       Change up the color scheme!  Try browns, greys, silvers, blacks, teals, or golds.  They would all look great.  Go for whatever compliments your festive outfit the best.
·       Don’t forget nude lips come in all kinds of undertones: pinks, tans, corals, peaches, and even purples.  Don’t be afraid to play, mix, and match!

Two more Lady Gaga looks to get in before Christmas and they are just as fun as the first two!  Check back soon to see which ones I picked!

Has anyone else decided how they were wearing their makeup for the holidays?

For the love of beauty and celebrity makeup looks,
…Casey B

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