Thursday, January 5, 2012

To Hire or Not To Hire? Part 1

By your wedding day you will have spent countless hours scrutinizing every last detail.  The flowers, the cake, the guest list, the venue, the bridesmaid’s dress, YOUR dress, YOUR shoes, YOUR hair…the details are endless!  The last piece of the puzzle is YOUR MAKEUP!  Your wedding day will be the most photographed day of your life and you will want your makeup to be picture perfect, just like all the other details.
         This post is going to be all about the benefits of hiring a makeup artist for your big day.  Along with the benefits I’ll also go over the difference in a freelance makeup artist and your local makeup counter artist, and tips for hiring a makeup artist.  This post is also going to have a part 2, which will feature comparison pictures where you’ll see the bridal looks a few ladies creates for themselves vs. the look a makeup artist (me!) creates for them.  It will also include some price comparisons and other goodies, so keep an eye out for part 2!  It’s going to be a lot fun!
  • A makeup artist knows the techniques and products to use that are best for flash photography.  We don’t want the weird white face in all your wedding day photos!
  • Makeup artist have makeup kits full of products right at their fingertips.  If you were to purchase each product a makeup artist used on you to recreate the look yourself, it would cost you a pretty penny.  (Keep checking back to read part 2 of this post where I’ll do the cost estimates in the comparison section!)
  • They know all the tips and tricks to keep your makeup looking perfect and in place, which is what you want for your wedding day.  No smudging, melting, or creasing here!  You want to look perfect walking down the aisle, and just as good driving off at the end of the reception.
  • Figuring out what makeup will work best for your facial features isn’t always easy.  A makeup artist will help you decide the makeup look that will look best on you and still give you the overall feel you want for your big day!
  • Doing your own makeup for such an important event can be very stressful and overwhelming.  Hiring someone to do it for you will take all of that away. Besides, don’t you deserve a little extra pampering on your wedding day?!

Freelance MUA work independently from makeup companies or brands, and they do not require you to buy products or try to sell you products while they do your makeup.  Freelance makeup artist are hired by clients to do the same jobs a makeup counter artist would do (proms, weddings, pageants) and more (photo shoots, makeup consulting, makeup lessons etc.).  Here are a few advantages of hiring a freelance artist over going to your local makeup counter to have your makeup done:
  • Freelance makeup artist will travel to you, and stay with you throughout your event if needed.   Your wedding day will probably be jammed pack with things to be done, so don’t waste your time traveling to and from the mall! 
  • Freelance makeup artist are free to use any brand of makeup since they aren’t affiliated with a particular makeup company.  This is good because they use the products they truly love regardless of who manufactures it.
  • It’s important to remember that makeup artist at the counter still have to work and meet sales goals while they are doing your makeup.  That unfortunately means you may not have their undivided attention during your appointment, especially if it’s a busy Saturday (the most popular day for a wedding).
  • Because of the employee’s work schedules you will more than likely meet your artist for the first time as you are sitting down for your appointment.  Also, it will be even harder to schedule a trial run (see tips below) with the counter, and even if you go through a trial run you aren’t guaranteed the same artist the day of your wedding ( a little pointless?).
  • The good news is a lot of counter makeup artist are freelance makeup artist as well!! So if you don’t already know a freelance artist, or know where to find one, stop by and talk to someone at your local makeup counter!  They might have their own freelance business on the side or know someone who does, and I’m sure they would LOVE to help you out.  That way you get the benefits of having your makeup professionally done and since they are freelancing they’ll be free to give you all the attention you deserve on your special day!

  • Get to know your makeup artist!  Tell him/her what you want and don’t want when it comes to your bridal makeup.
  • Pictures are worth a thousand words, so bring lots of them!  Plus it keeps misunderstandings from occurring when explaining your makeup look loves and hates.  I have a whole board on Pintrest dedicated to bridal makeup looks, check it out here and don’t be afraid to pull it up on your phone when talking to your makeup artist!
  • It’s important for you to think about the overall look and feel you want with your makeup.  Do you want fresh and natural, romantic, classic, etc.  Give it some thought; it’s the finishing touches that make the biggest difference.
  • DO. A. TRIAL. RUN.  This way you AND the makeup artist will know the exact look to create for your big day. It will take the stress of having someone else do your makeup away AND make it that much smoother on the day of your wedding.  If you absolutely hate what they do, you’re in luck because you have time to find someone else.   Avoid disasters at all cost, right?!
  • During the trial run, don’t be nervous to tell them if you want something different.  Politely of course.  They will more than likely be able to correct or change what’s bothering you, they just won’t know if you don’t tell them.  They are there for you, so help them to help you!
I know not everyone can afford a makeup artist on their wedding day, and some girls would rather do it their selves (hello Kate Middleton), and that’s great too!  I just wanted to go over some points for the ladies who were interested in or thinking about hiring someone. I hope this helped!

If you’d like to see some tutorials or tips on doing your own bridal makeup let me know, and I can do that too!
DON’T FORGET to check back for part 2!!!

For the love of beauty and a stress free wedding day,
…Casey B

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