Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Under Lid?

What the heck is your “under lid”?!  I usually say “lower lash line,” “lower lid,” or “under the eye” but “under lid” works too…it  just sounds weird (or is that just me?).  But nonetheless that’s what this post is all about!  I was inspired by this picture from (If you aren’t familiar with thebeautydepartment blog, check it out!  It’s Lauren Conrad’s and it’s full of all things beauty related.  If you are on Pintrest you’ve probably seen pictures from this blog at some point.  They are everywhere! ):

Who knew dressing up your under lid could be so pretty?!  I love the “extreme” version of this look, and despite the name I think it can be very wearable.  Color blocking has been popular in all aspects of fashion (hair, nails, clothes etc.) for a while and this is a great example of how it applies to makeup.  Not only does color blocking look great, it’s also super easy to do! 

The pastel purple and blue in the picture look amazing with the model’s brown eyes, but use any colors you like to complement your eye color!  To keep the look wearable keep the rest of the face and lips neutral and let the eyes do the talking!

my version…

For this look I wanted to stick with more pastel shades instead of bright or dark colors because I like how fresh it looks.  I chose to go for a pink on top and a peach underneath.  Since the look is all about the under lid, make sure you bring the color down pretty far under the eyes to get the full effect.  I used colors from the Coastal Scents 88 palette to create my version.

For the cheeks all I used was a little bronzer through the back of the cheeks, and on my lips I used a little concealer and a nude lip liner in Toast by Maybelline.

It was that simple!

 Not sure what colors to use?  Try these coordinating colors in all different shades to complement your eye color!

This look makes me excited for spring!  I feel like I should be wearing a floral hippie skirt and v neck or something. Hurry up warmer weather!

For the love of beauty and new terminology that makes you giggle,
…Casey B