Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 Grammy Looks: Adele

Seriously, who doesn’t love Adele?!  She’s just beyond fabulous and so was her makeup at the Grammys on Sunday.   She sported two different looks throughout the night: Here bare eyes and bright red matte lips.  The second look was a pretty greyish-purple smokey eye with a pink nude mouth she wore while performing and at the end of the awards.

I know both of Adele’s looks are going to be all over the internet and YouTube (or already are by the time I post this), but I couldn’t resist taking my shot at it.  Plus someone asked me to do it (yay!!! Thanks Stephanie!!).  Besides, afterwards I get to wear this fun makeup for the rest of the night: win-win!  I couldn’t decide between the two looks so I’m going to show you how with just a few simple steps you can go from Adele’s dramatic red lip to her beautiful grey smokey eye look.

Let’s start the base for both looks:
-To give yourself the appearance of perfect skin like Adele, pull out your favorite full coverage foundation
-Conceal any problem areas (under eyes, blemishes, eyelids)—we want flawless skin!
- Adele has a strong cheek contour going from the top of her ear in her hairline all the way down, stopping a little short of the corner of her mouth.  Don’t be afraid to really build up the contour to give the face an extra slim look.  She also looks as if her nose has been contoured as well from the front of the brow all the way down. (I used a mix of Harmony and Blunt blushes by MAC)
Look at that contouring!
-Powder the face to set the foundation and concealer and to give the skin a matte finish
- In some pictures it looks like she might be wearing a hint of a peach blush on the tops of her cheek bones (not on the apples), and in others it doesn’t look like she’s wearing anything.  So take your pick! (I used Peaches by MAC)
base finished!
Now, to recreate look #1 there are a few must haves:
-your favorite matte red lipstick (if it’s not matte that’s ok, we’ll fix it)
-deep black liner (Gel or liquid, whichever you prefer to work with.  I wouldn’t recommend pencil liner for this look, it won’t give the same affect.)
-lashes, LaShEs, LASHES! (I’ll show you a little trick to help replicate her lash look)

Look #1
- matte light beige eyeshadow:  press it all over your lid and up to your brow bone (MAC Vanilla)
-matte light brown eyeshadow:  lightly place it in the crease with a fluffy brush, just to add a little definition to the eye—but not too much (MAC Wedge)
-black liner:  This look has a thick cat eye eyeliner.  Keep it thin on the inner corner of your eye and gradually make it thicker towards the outside corner, winging it out on the end.  Also press a thin line of liner to the lower lash line (not the waterline), and tight line your eyes as well. (MAC Blacktrack Fluidline)
-nude liner:  Apply a nude eyeliner to your waterline (MAC liner in NC15/NW20)
-curl lashes and apply mascara
-To replicate Adele’s fluttery lashes we’re going to need 2 sets of false lashes:  one for fullness and one for length.
- cut the pair you have for length in half

-Next, glue the piece of lashes onto the outside corner of the full strip making sure you are applying the half strips so that the longest section of the lashes are still on the outside corner.  This is going to elongate the eyes and give them that extra wispy feel Adele’s had!
-Here's the eyes before and after the lashes!

Lips & Tips:
-line the lips with a red lip liner, then fill them in completely for extra staying power (MAC Redd)
-using a lip brush, fill in the lips with your favorite red lipstick (L'oreal Colour Riche in British Red)
-If your lipstick isn’t matte here’s 2 options:  1. Apply a translucent face powder over top using your finger to dab it on the brush off the excess with a fluffy face brush OR 2. Use a matte red eyeshadow and press it over top of the lipstick.  Doing either of these steps will mattify the lipstick and also give the lipstick extra staying power!
-To get the extra defined and clean lip line like Adele, use a clean lip brush dipped in concealer.  Then outline the lips (and blend it out!) after applying lipstick to remove any mistakes or smudges.

And with that Look #1 is complete!

Don't mind my gum...
Now to transform look #1 into look #2…

Look #2
*WARNING: since we already have our black eyeliner and lashes on, we want to be very careful to avoid fallout from the additional shadows we will be apply.  Take your time and after dipping your brushes in the shadows tap your brushes to remove extra product before applying them to your eyes.
-matte grey eyeshadow:  Using a crease brush apply the shadow to the crease of our eye, all the way to the inside corner underneath the brow.  Make sure to avoid choosing a metallic silver eyeshadow to give the closest results to Adele’s.  If you don’t have a grey eyeshadow, you can use a black with a light hand and gently build it up. (MAC Copperplate)
-matte purple toned grey eyeshadow: apply those overtop of the grey shadow we already placed.  This will give a hint of purple and dimension to the look. (MAC Scene)

Lips & Tips:
-How do you remove all of the red lipstick without it even leaving a hint of pink?  No worries, here’s what we do!
blot away excess lip products onto a tissue paper
avoid rubbing the lips and smearing the red lipstick into your foundation
using an oil based makeup remover on q-tips (for precision) gently wipe away the  remaining lipcolor. (you can also use an oil based eye makeup remover or even olive oil!)
-line your lips using a light pink lip liner, filling in your lips. (NYX Pale Pink)
-Apply a pinky-nude lipstick and gloss.  Don’t be afraid to mix different shades of lipstick to copy Adele’s look! (Rimmel lipstick in Airy Fairy and NYX gloss in Crystal Soda)

Look #2…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I’ve enjoyed doing these makeup looks!  That’s all I’m going to say because this post is ridiculously long already.  Thanks for reading it, or at least looking at all the pictures (aka the best part)! J

For the love of beauty and Adele,
…Casey B