Thursday, April 26, 2012

Christina Aguilera-The Voice

Isn’t everyone obsessed with The Voice?   Not only does The Voice have really talented singers, it has the best judges (in my opinion anyways).  There’s Blake Shelton who’s hilarious, Cee Lo Green who’s amazing, Adam Levine who’s…I’m sorry…I…can’t…breathe…, and Christina Aguilera who I just love to stare at.  She’s either spot on or SO far off it’s not even funny. For the audition rounds of season 2 Christina was a hot mess, let’s be real.  But since the live shows started she’s been looking better and better!  So just for fun, let’s take a little stroll down Christina memory lane, shall we?

Here’s sweet, young Christina as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club…
…soon she grew into the semi-innocent “Genie in a Bottle” Christina.  This is probably when most of us remember seeing her for the first time….
…Then BOOM!  She’s the raunch-tastic X-Tina (not what the MM Club had in mind)…
… She got married and became a mother, so her look was classed-up with a retro-pinup vibe for a while…
…now she’s recently divorced and one of the star judges on The Voice.  Here’s a picture from the audition rounds from this season.  See what I mean?
No, Christina.  No.
Now here she is for the live shows of season 2—helloooooo improvement!
Doesn't she look so pretty here?  I love this makeup look too. 
Even though Christina’s overall look has gone through some major changes, I’ve always (usually) LOVED her makeup.  Yes, even in the X-Tina days.  It’s always been heavy, bold, and as of recently very sparkly.  All of which are right up my alley. I say all this just to lead into the Christina look I’ve chosen to recreate for you guys, it’s definitely a goodie!

The look I’ve chosen comes from last Monday’s episode of The Voice.  While watching I absolutely fell in love with Christina’s beautiful blue smokey eye look and I knew I would I have to give it a go myself!  In case you missed it here’s the visual from Monday’s episode…

Christina’s MUA (Jake Bailey) created a dark navy smokey eye with sparkle and lots of lashes.  The eyes were complimented with flawless skin, sculpted glowing cheeks, and nude glossy lip.

Here’s my version…

-MAC Paintpot in GroundWork to create a nice dark base for the shadow
-Mac eyeshadow in Contrast (pressed over the base and blended into and a little above the crease)
-SugarPill eyeshadow in Afterparty (over Contrast to brighten the color some)
-MAC MSF Natural in Medium (blended under my brow and to blend out the edge of the navy shadow)
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero (along the lash line, waterline, and tight line)
-MAC Reflects Pearl (pressed over top of the shadow for the extra sparkle)
-curled lashes and applied mascara
-Ardell Demi false lashes

-Contoured with Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzer (don’t be afraid to go a little stronger then usual)
-MAC Blush in Harmony (over bronzer and on apples of cheeks)
-MAC Cream Color Base in Shell (to highlight cheeks)
-MAC Silver Dusk loose powder (to set the cream color base)

-Mac lipstick in Hue 
-Palladio Herbal Lip Tint in Cotton Candy on top

Speaking of hot messes, who else is excited about Britney Spears being a judge on the new season of X Factor?!?!

For the love of beauty and Xtina,
…Casey B

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