Monday, April 16, 2012

Hair Flair and Products I’m Lovin’

As far as my hair goes, I like to keep it pretty long with lots of layers.  I’ve just never found the courage to chop it all off…not yet anyways.  With that being said I like to keep things interesting just like everyone else!  A few ways I try to keep it fun is by playing around with the hair styles, accessories, and of course the color.  I’m naturally a blonde and I think that’s what looks best on me, but I have ventured to the dark brown side before, put in feather extensions, I did the ombre look for a while, I’ve had the tips of my hair rainbow colors, and now I’m back to being blonde all over again. Well, blonde all over with a small exception…

The celebrity inspiration for my new color was Christina Perri.  I started following her on instagram a while back, which is where I feel in love with her hair!  Since I wanted to stay blonde, I decided to do the opposite of Christina’s coloring and I think it turned out pretty cool! 

See! How cute is she?!
I do work in an office environment full time and even though this probably isn’t the most professional looking hair I’d say it’s way better than my rainbow tips or feathers!  Plus I think it’s super fun (isn’t that what really matters?!).

To keep this hair theme going, I thought I’d share a few hair products I’ve been lovin’ recently!

The first is a whole line of hair care products that I found at my local CVS! 

What: Not Your Mother’s Range of hair products
Wallet: all of the products around the $6 mark!  Very affordable!
Where to buy: local drugstores
Why I’m lovin’ it: I haven’t tried every single product from the range (I want to though!), but I have tried the: dry shampoo, heat protectant, salt spray, and volumizing hairspray.  I love the packaging, the way all of the products smell, the quality, and most importantly the price.  I’ll definitely be repurchasing!  Such good products!!  The salt spray is probably my favorite for this time of year!  It’s like having ocean water in a bottle—perfect for beach waves and adding a little extra texture to the hair.  I spray it on my hair after it air dries, or even after curling my hair with a curling iron.  It helps to separate curls and make them look more natural.

The next hair care product is one that has been sitting in my “hair drawer” for a while, but I recently started using it every single time I wash my hair.  Now I really can’t go without it!

What: Organix Keratin Therapy Anti-Breakage Serum
Wallet: $8
Where to buy: local drug stores
Why I’m lovin’ it: Keratin treatments in a salon are used to straighten and de-frizz hard to manage hair, and can be quite expensive.  The stylist seal in the keratin treatments  using a flat iron which gives the hair a sleek, frizz free look for up to two and half months.  With my hair texture I would never need or want something like this.  Besides, I like having the option of letting my hair air dry into its natural waves. So why and how do I use this product?!  First let me say this IS NOT a kearatin treatment (be careful because Organix does have a 30 day keratin treatment that will straighten and de-frizz, and it happens to be in a bottle identical to the anti-breakage serum.  Read your labels carefully!).   I apply a quarter size amount of the product to the ends of my clean damp hair before letting it air dry or before blow drying it straight.  It makes my hair feel incredibly soft and healthy.  It also helps to prevent split ends and the keratin helps strengthen the hair which also prevents breakage.  If you have naturally oilier hair and the thought of serums scare you, don’t’ worry!  This doesn’t leave the hair feeling greasy whatsoever (just remember never apply it to the scalp, concentrate on from the middle of the strands down to the ends). Even though this product says “Ever Straight” on the bottle, my hair still curls up naturally when I let it hair dry and holds curl from hot tools which is why I use it no matter how I’m styling my hair for the day.

Up last is my new favorite hair tool…

What: Cortex 4-in-1 Curling Wand
Wallet: around $75         
Where to buy: and various other stores online
Why I’m lovin’ it: The best part of this product is that you get 4 curling irons in one (a 1.5", 1.25", 3/4", and 1/2") and for a great price! The rods are simple to change and work perfectly!  I’ve been really into clip-less curling irons lately because curling my hair goes faster AND for some reason the curls seem to last longer!  Another perk about this set is it’s a big space saver when packing or storing your iron!  Want to make your own clipless curling iron?!  Just follow these few simple steps.

What’s your favorite way to change up your hair looks?!  Any new hair products you can’t live without?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  I’d love to hear about them!

For the love of beauty and adding a little flair to your hair,
…Casey B

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