Friday, May 25, 2012

Beachy Fashion

Two beach themed post in a row?  You betcha!  It's summer and I'm excited!

In case you missed it, here's a link to my previous post which was all about makeup for the beach (or pool, or lake, or whatever you're doing in your swimsuit this summer)!  

I've always thought it's way easier to be stylish when it's not a million degrees outside.  In the fall and winter you can layer your clothing, you can spend time on your makeup and not worry about it melting right off, your hair doesn't frizz as soon as you walk outside...It's just a whole lot easier to but cute when it's cooler.  Despite all of that summer styles are my favorite! I'm really into the "effortlessly cool" look that's big right now so I thought I'd put together some things I'm looking forward to wearing this summer.  (Basically it's my check list of things to purchase/remember to pack for vacation!)

I've decided to go from head to toe, so here we go..

Hats!  They are important to protect your face and neck from too much sun, plus they are just so much fun.  I don't wear hats {ever} except for when I'm doing an activity in a bathing suit.  Weird how that happens.
big floppy hats are my favorite
Although this next option doesn't offer any sun protection, it's still super cute! It's a stylish way to hide/dress up crazy beach hair with out having to wear a hat or a boring headband!

Need to know how to tie these scarves?  Here you go.

Speaking of crazy beach hair...I have naturally wavy hair and when I'm on vacation I don't like to spend a lot of time fixing it.  If I try to do anything besides let it do what it wants it's going to turn into a hot mess.  So what do you do with weird air dried beach hair? Cute summer updos!  Plus keeping the hair up off my neck keeps me that much cooler and I really appreciate that! (Also keep these hair styles in mind for summer parties, theme park visits, sporting events...anything really.)

Here's another really cute braided updo tutorial

This one works for all hair types but looks really good on her naturally curly hair. 
I'm thinking this one might be a good one for my Disney visit!

And of course throwing a few braids onto any hair style makes it perfect for summer!  They're also handy if you have shorter layers around your face or bangs!

Another good idea is to keep a hair oil or leave in conditioner spray in your beach bag to keep your hair protected and from becoming too dry.  Especially if you're swimming in the pool!  Just run it through the ends of your hair when you get of the water and you're good to go!

I really like big and colorful sunglasses for summer.  I even like to wear different shaped frames, because again, I feel like anything goes when you're in a swimsuit (is that just me?!). Although I do make sure the ones in my beach bag are super cheap because some how I always manage to ruin them before the end of summer.

I've never been one to wear jewelry to the beach (no unneeded tan lines please) but if I were going to some kind of party I would probably accessorize!

I don't know if it's just me or what, but I hate swimsuit shopping.  I've just never had a lot of luck when trying to find the perfect new bathing suit and when I have found them they were sooo expensive! This summer I lucked out with this fun Badgley Mischka suit from!

I'm still on the hunt for one of these retro one piece suits. LOOOVE them. 

Who want's to wear a frumpy oversized t-shirt as a cover up this summer when you can find cute coverups like these for a steal?!

teal sheer and lace asymmetrical dress from F21

This is my favorite!  It's a bright coral high-low dress shirt also from F21.
I think it's going to look so breezy and flowy over any swimsuit!
Can't go wrong with a pretty white cove up! 
As far as my feet go, I never wear shoes that I can't hose off before going inside (or ones that take forever to dry).  And at some point I also found it helpful if they float too...

You can't forget about your nails! I love gel nail manicures because they last so long without chipping or becoming dull and you're pedicure won't chip away from being in the sand all day!  I like using all kinds of colors (year round, not just in the summer)!

Looking at all these pictures just makes me even more excited about summer! 

For the love of beauty and being beachy-cute,
...Casey B

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