Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Glow Girl

Recently I’ve been into playing with my foundations and face products to create a glowing skin effect even though I’m actually extremely pale.  If you’re like me and want that sun kissed look NOW without the whole having to layout in the sun part, then this post is for you!  Let me show you how to fake it! 

To give the skin an instant but temporary glow I’m applying L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze One Day Tinted gel all over my face and neck.  This is completely optional depending on how dark you’d like to go for the day. I picked this up last summer for around $9.00 at CVS.  It’s a nice product to have on hand to give your hand an instant pick me up and it’s a lot less stressful than applying a sunless tanner!  It removes with soap and water easily, so no worries.

To create this look you are going to need 2 foundations: one that matches your skin and one that’s 4 to 5 shades darker.  MAC’s Face and Body foundation is perfect for creating this look mainly because it is a light foundation and it has buildable coverage.  Plus it’s a water based foundation making it super bendable, which we need since we are using colors darker than our natural coloring.  Stay away from full coverage foundations for this look because they’ll be too thick to blend into the skin and won't give the sun kissed glow we’re looking for.  Plus they can feel too heavy in the summer (for me anyways).

We’re going to start by contouring the face with the darkest foundation (MAC Face and Body in C7 for me) by placing it along the hallows of the cheek bones, on the temples, and under the jaw line. 
See how dark it is?  But it blends so easily!

BLEND!  This is the most important step to this look since we are using products that don’t match our natural skin.  I’ve been in love with my Sigma F82 rounded kabuki for my daily foundation routine.  It’s the easiest and fastest way I’ve found to blend the foundation in flawlessly. REMEMBER to blend the foundation down the neck, over the ears, into the hair line, and even behind the ears to make it look natural.  That's another perk of using Face and Body foundation, it works for the face AND the body!
Sigma F82 Rounded Kabuki
Using the foundation that matches your skin (I’m using MAC Face and Body in N3) we are going to apply and it to the areas we haven’t contoured which are the tops of the cheek bones, the apples of the cheeks, the nose, chin, and center of the forehead.  Blend it in!  This should provide us with a full layer of foundation over the entire face.  If you need to do any concealing now is the time.  If you have blemishes in areas that we darkened, mix your concealer with the darker foundation to get the correct color concealer. 
Just dot it on and blend it in--easy peasy.

Now to give the skin even more of a glow, we’re going to use a bronzer.  I’m using a cream bronzer for this (Chanel’s Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base) but you can use a powder, another warm toned liquid foundation, or even a warm toned face powder that’s darker than your skin. Using warm toned products (meaning they have an orangey tint to them) is what gives the skin the sunny look to it.  Apply the bronzer where the sun would naturally tan your skin: across the cheeks and nose, center of the forehead, and on the chin. 
To keep our liquid and cream products in place all day we need to set them with a powder.  You don’t want to use a color powder that matches your face on the areas we bronzed and contoured because it will tone down the color we applied.  If you feel like these areas are too dark then you can use a lighter powder to easily tone down and correct them.  However, to avoid lightening areas us a translucent powder which won’t affect the colors we’ve applied OR use two face powders.  Use a darker one around the edges of the face and a lighter one that matches your skin down the center of the face.  Your choice!  I used two mineralized skin finishes by MAC (in medium deep and medium).
For the rest of the face we want to keep the color palette very bronzy and golden.  So for the eyes I used MAC Patina across the lid, and smudged MAC’s eyeliner in Teddy along the upper and lower lashline, blended it out, and applied mascara.  For the cheeks I used MAC’s Trace Gold blush which is perfect for this look, plus it has a light shimmer in it which gives the cheeks even more of a glow.  To highlight even more I applied a little of MAC’s Blonde’s Gold pigment on top of the cheek bones and across the cupid’s bow.   On the lips I used a Hue by MAC with a nude gloss on top.  That’s it!!

Here’s the finished look!

To really see the difference here's a before & after:

For the love of beauty and bronzey-ness!,
…Casey B


  1. This is a great post! Love the easy to follow tutorial!

  2. Wow, what a difference! (you're gorgeous, btw) It looks really natural. I'll definitely try it out soon (I, too, am also on the more 'porcelain' (we are not pale! :P) side of things so I definitely appreciated this tutorial).

    1. Thank you so much!!! You're right, I should have said "porcelain"! Love that! I hope it works well for you too!!

  3. Also, I've awarded you the Sunshine Blog award - check out my blog for the deets :3

    1. That is so sweet!!!!!! I'm so excited about this!!!!