Thursday, May 3, 2012

Warby Parker Frames

This post is dedicated to all my fellow glasses wearers.  Love them or hate them your glasses are totally beauty related (which is why it’s being posted on For the Love of Beauty)!  They sit front and center on your face which makes them pretty significant to your overall look.  Hopefully after reading this post you’ll find a new love for your glasses, and maybe even buy a few more pairs so you can match your glasses to outfit look instead of vise-versa for once!

Here’s is (was) my ongoing dilemma: My prescription seems to change at every appointment, and if you’ve ever purchased frames or new lenses you know how expensive it is! So, needless to say the lenses in my current frames are about…3 years old.  Woops.  Even though I often want to wear my glasses I can’t because I can’t see out of them, and  I don’t want to pay for new lenses because I know my prescription will change soon.  Well, problem solved people!

I made up my mind that my next eye appointment I was just going to suck it up and pay for new lenses and new frames, so the mad hunt for the perfect pair of frames began. I spent countless hours googling celebrities in glasses, sorting through pins on pinterest, and even just looking at all the possible eye websites I could find.  All my searching finally paid off when I stumbled across, and here’s why…

1.     Most importantly they have the style of frames I’ve been searching so hard for! (Hallelujah!)  My current frames are rectangular black rimmed glasses and I wanted some that were similar but wider/taller…if that makes any sense…
2.     I have a smaller face shape, so I was worried about if the frames would actually fit my face.  Should I take the risk and purchase them with trying them on?  Would they be too big?  Too wide? That’s when my anxiety set in until I discovered…
3.     You can order an at home try-on kit!! You choose 5 different frames you think you will like and they mail them to you!  And guess what?!  It’s completely FREE with no obligation to buy!! That’s right people, FAAA-REEEE!  You have 5 days to try them on, get some opinions, then all you do is mail them back with the prepaid postage! How amazing is that?! 
4.     Then I think well crap, how do I get my prescription in my lenses once I pick out the frames?  Will I have to take them to my eye doctor?  Can they fit lenses in any frames?  Is it going to cost even more if I didn’t buy the frames for them? No worries, the frames come with your prescription in them!  All you do is fill out your prescription when you checkout with your frames!  If you are nervous about filling in your prescription wrong (like I was), don’t be.  They have all kinds of ways to ensure your prescription is right in your lenses.  You can e-mail a copy of your prescription to them, upload it at your checkout, or even call them to make sure you are doing everything perfectly.
5.     Naturally I’m thinking I’ve hit the jackpot, which means this must cost a jackpot. Nope!  All frames WITH the prescription lenses in them WITH shipping cost $95 per set of frames! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  This is easily a half if not a third of what I would be paying at my eye doctor, and I don’t even like their frame selection (usually)!  At this price I can easily afford to get a brown pair AND a black pair!  (I’ve always wanted to do that for some reason.)
6.     Seriously, could this get any better?  YES!  They also “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair”!  If you are familiar with Toms, it’s a similar deal but with glasses!  So not only are you getting awesome frames with your prescription for a super good price, you are also helping to do a little good in this world.  (Buying that second pair seems even better now, huh?!)

If you’ve been searching for new frames, or will be eventually keep Warby Parker frames in mind.  Find more info and check out their fun selection on frames (prescription, sunglasses, AND prescription sunglasses!!) at! 

If anyone is interested in my new frame selection journey, here ya go!  The ones pictured below are actually from my SECOND home try-on kit...I completely messed up my first box, they were all too big.  Which is exactly why this FREE kit is AMAZING!

Pierce in Oakwood Brown

Colton in Sandalwood Matte

Zagg in Revolver Matte Black

Japhy in Sandalwood Matte

Carlen in Revolver Black

Leave me a comment and let me know which frames you like best!  Should I go with black or brown...or both?  All the frames come in multiple colors and we all know how I love options...

for the love of beauty and Warby Parker,
...Casey B


  1. The last one is the best. Something like what Gisele Bundchen wears in the Devil Wears Prada would also suit you well!,r:1,s:0,i:69&tx=69&ty=62

  2. I love the Carlen. I like the black the best on you :) --Leah

  3. Andrew uses a similar pretty equally awesome website. His glasses have been about 25$ a piece and adorable. You just type in your pupil distance and your prescription!They come ready to wear! I like the black too!

  4. I ordered from 2 times and Warbyparker 1 time in the last year. They are definitely my go-to glasses website from now on! Both of them have the best prices and the best selection on glasses.