Thursday, July 26, 2012


This post is simply because I wanted to try out a new foundation/concealer I got for my birthday last week.   AND because I’m going out to a birthday bash/show tomorrow night and I’m trying to decide how to do my makeup for the occasion. So, why not take some pictures along the way and make a post out of it!

I’m actually torn between two looks for tomorrow night: 
1.        Dark/bright colored smokey eye with a nude mouth
2.       Fresh face makeup with lots of lashes and a bright mouth for a pop
Since I pretty much know what the 2nd option would look like (similar to this…with maybe one of these lip colors), I decided to mess around with the 1stoption. 

Now, what color smokey eye?!  I’m wearing basically all neutrals tomorrow so I could do pretty much anything. 

Here are the color options that keep coming to mind:
1.        A bright purpley-blue color from a Kat Von D palette which would be super fun and unexpected.  (Plus, I’ve had this shadow forever and I love it…and I’ve never worn it.  Now might just be the time.)
2.       A cranberry color (actually it’s Cranberry by MAC) which will give an edgy look since it’s kind of red.  Especially on my not so tan skin…it might be cool.
3.       Club by MAC.  It’s a dark greenish brown color that has a lot of dimension in it, so depending how which angle you look from it could look different.  That’s always fun.  Plus depending on the base I use, it could go brighter or darker. 

Since I have 2 eyes, I decided to two different options—one on each eye.  I decided to try out options one and two.  I left out option 3 simply because I only have 2 eyes. 

First up: The Kat Von D purple-blue color from her “Tattoo Chronicles Palette.” If you are interested in seeing a review of this palette click here.  The packaging was pretty cool and it came with lashes and a duel ended roll on perfume.  However, I politely ripped my shadows out to place them in my Z palettes.  Even though the packaging was cool, it was pointless and bulky. ANYWAYS, the color is “Redemption” and it really is sooo much fun!

It has a touch of glitter in the inner corner.
Now on the other eye Cranberry by MAC! Personally, I don’t usually like the way any color with reddish undertones looks on me (cranberries, purples, some pinks, and even corals really).  But then again, sometimes I do.  This look is loosely based on/inspired by a look I remember Kristen Stewart wearing the NY premeire of Eclipse.  Here’s her look:

Pretty cool, huh?!  And here’s the look I came up with…

The new face products I purchased are Make Up Forever’s Mat Velevet + foundation and their full coverage concealer.  They are both full coverage products, so I would expect them to leave my skin looking pretty flawless.  Now here’s a look of my whole face, so you (and I) can see them in action!  My first impression--LOVE THEM.  Try not to be distracted by the mismatching eye looks.

On a regular bases I wear a BB cream, tinted moisturizer, or MAC’s face and body foundation.  All of which give pretty light coverage.  A full coverage foundation isn’t something I’m going to be using every day but it is nice to have for a special occasion when you want to look a little more dolled up.  Plus when doing a stronger eye it can be nice to have a little more coverage on the skin.

So, those are the looks!  Which is your favorite?  

For the love of beauty and just because,
…Casey B


  1. oooohh! i like them both!! if i have to pick, i'd pick purple.

  2. Out of those I like the purple, no pics for the club mac green?:)

  3. Jeeze, they're both gorgeous!! I'm lovin' the purple-blue one the best though!