Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Garnet Gameday

It’s that time of year again people! 

We all know that college football here in the south is HUGE.   And if you go to any football game, you’ll soon realize that fashion at these football games is also HUGE!  You’ll see girls in heels, dresses, ruffle-y blouses, their hair is done, they have on the cutest accessories…it’s just the southern way.  So what better way to kick off football season then with a couple of very game day appropriate makeup looks?!

Warning:  You’ll only enjoy this post if (and only if) your team colors are garnet and black.

This post is a two part-er:
Up first is a makeup look that would be perfect for any football game or tailgating party.    
Then I've also included some inexpensive USC worthy products to keep you looking gameday ready all season long.

For this makeup look you get to meet my good friend Samantha!  She was nice enough to lend me her pretty face for this post.  Samantha works with me and she is also a blogger.  She has an awesome artsy blog that you should check out here!  She’s always finding the coolest stuff.  Seriously.

For the look I used MAC’s Artifact paint pot as a base, and applied the garnet shade from the Wet'N Wild “Knock on Wood” palette.  Then I traced the lash line with a black eye pencil and smudged it out with a little black eyeshadow.

Now, if you want to get these looks but you’re on a budget then you’re in luck! Here are a few products I found in the drug store recently that will keep you looking gameday ready without breaking the bank:

Wet'N Wild "Knock On Wood" Palette ($2.99)

Covergirl quad in "Dream Eyes" ($5.99)

Wet'N Wild nail polishes in ($1.99)
Maybelline Color Tattoo in 30 Pomegranate Punk ($3.50 on sale)
this is a dupe for the MAC Artifact Paint Pot I used on Samantha

Wet'N Wild Lipgloss in 577A ($1.99)

I hope this is helpful for all the ladies gearing up for football season!  My gut (and my boyfriend who talks about Carolina football nonstop) tells me this is going to be a great season to be a Gamecock!

Go Cocks!

For the love of beauty and GARNET GAMEDAYS,
…Casey B

See...people have their BRIDAL portriats taken on the field around here...
now do you believe me that football is a big deal?
(I don't know her...I found her on google.)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Lily Collins Look

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed the picture of Lily Collins I pinned early in the week:

(If you aren’t following me on Pinterest…shame on you.  Click HERE to follow now!)

I recently purchased the Urban Decay Smoked Palette and I think it will be the perfect palette to use to recreate this look.

Since UD has the Naked and Naked 2 palettes out, I guess they decided it was time take a little walk on the dark side.  Enter, the UD Smoked Palette.  You all know I love the Naked Palettes, and guess what?  I LOVE this one as well!  Here’s a look:

With the purchase you’ll receive the palette which contains 10 (awesome) neutral and jewel tone eyeshadows, a small UD Primer Potion, a 24/7 eyeliner in Zero (the blackest of black eyeliner pencils), and also a little booklet that shows step by step guides to creating different looks using the palette!

Since Lily’s look is a neutral-y smokey eye, we’ll be using the top row of shadows to get the look!  Here’s what I did to recreate this look:

1. If you want the look to last--prime your lids, girl!

2. Using a small pencil brush use one of the matte highlighter shades in the palette to highlight the inner corner of the eyes and the brow bone.  Since I have fair skin I choose the lightest shade (“FreeStyle”).

3.  Lily’s lid is a shimmery taupe color.  I used a flat eyeshadow brush to pack “Mushroom” all over the lid and blend it out slightly.  Also run this color along the inner half of the lower lashline.

4.  It looks as though Lily has a matte brown running through her crease, so I used “Backdoor” on a fluffy brush through the socket. Her crease color is very rounded on the outside corners, so I replicated that shape by not over blending.  If you want, you can use the shimmer brown (“BarLust”) through the crease instead of matte! 

5. Using a pencil brush run the dark brown along the outside of the lashline to meet up with the “mushroom” we placed earlier.

6. Using the 24/7 eyeliner in Zero line upper and lower waterline, and top lashline using a thin line all the way across. 

7.  Using an angled brush, press the black shadow (“Blackout”) along the eyeliner on the upper lashline  to blend it out the slightest bit.

8.  Curl your lashes, apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes!

9. For the rest of the face, I used a little bit of TheBalm’s Bahama Mama bronzer through the cheeks and to contour, and added a neutral/light nude chapstick (Palladio Herbel Lip Tint in Champagne).

Here’s the final look:

Do you have any of the Urban Decay Palettes?  Which is your favorite?

For the love of beauty and beautiful easy makeup,
…Casey B

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Doll Eyes

Is it just me or has “doll eye” makeup become extremely popular lately?  The doll eye look is all about making your eyes look as big as possible by using simple/creative makeup techniques.   The doll eye idea can go in any direction really, so here are a few fun ones that I really enjoy:

Twiggy’s iconic eyes in the 60’s

Cartoon/costume doll eyes recently made even more popular by celebrities such as Nikki Minaj and Gaga

Obviously computerized, but only to make them look even bigger!
And more doll-like! 

Anime doll eyes
Literal anime eyes--no matter how hard I look at this,
it just looks like someone closing their eyes.  I can't get past that for some reason...
For my look today, I’m going to focus more on the wearable side of the whole doll eye craze.  

Here are a few key features that help create the doll eye affect:
-white eyeliner on the waterline and under the lashline
-shimmery white eyeshadow on inner corner of the eyes
-a matte white eyeshadow over the whole lid with a tiny bit of matte brown on the outside corner of the eyes for shape
-add brown shadow under eye to help create the illusion of a lower lashline (bring it down below your actual lower lashline)
-Fun liquid eyeliner shape.  I looked at this picture of drawn anime eyes for some inspiration!
-extended liner on the inner corner of the eyes a little
-add some corner lashes to open up the eyes even more

Here's the look!

I paired these doll eyes with a simple blush and a natural lip color to keep it as neutral as possible.  I’d wear this look to almost anything!

This look is cute and fun, but why not spice it up a little?!  For this I’m going to…
add some bottom lashes, more blush and a brighter pink lip!

There ya go people!  Tone it down or turn it up, but do give the doll eyes look a try!

For the love of beauty and big doll eyes,
...Casey B