Thursday, August 2, 2012

Doll Eyes

Is it just me or has “doll eye” makeup become extremely popular lately?  The doll eye look is all about making your eyes look as big as possible by using simple/creative makeup techniques.   The doll eye idea can go in any direction really, so here are a few fun ones that I really enjoy:

Twiggy’s iconic eyes in the 60’s

Cartoon/costume doll eyes recently made even more popular by celebrities such as Nikki Minaj and Gaga

Obviously computerized, but only to make them look even bigger!
And more doll-like! 

Anime doll eyes
Literal anime eyes--no matter how hard I look at this,
it just looks like someone closing their eyes.  I can't get past that for some reason...
For my look today, I’m going to focus more on the wearable side of the whole doll eye craze.  

Here are a few key features that help create the doll eye affect:
-white eyeliner on the waterline and under the lashline
-shimmery white eyeshadow on inner corner of the eyes
-a matte white eyeshadow over the whole lid with a tiny bit of matte brown on the outside corner of the eyes for shape
-add brown shadow under eye to help create the illusion of a lower lashline (bring it down below your actual lower lashline)
-Fun liquid eyeliner shape.  I looked at this picture of drawn anime eyes for some inspiration!
-extended liner on the inner corner of the eyes a little
-add some corner lashes to open up the eyes even more

Here's the look!

I paired these doll eyes with a simple blush and a natural lip color to keep it as neutral as possible.  I’d wear this look to almost anything!

This look is cute and fun, but why not spice it up a little?!  For this I’m going to…
add some bottom lashes, more blush and a brighter pink lip!

There ya go people!  Tone it down or turn it up, but do give the doll eyes look a try!

For the love of beauty and big doll eyes,
...Casey B