Monday, March 4, 2013

A Little Life Update

Ah!  Have I really not posted anything since January 24th?!  Where the heck have I been?  

Well, since my last post my boyfriend and I decided to go on a last minute cruise to the Bahamas.  We left out on the 8th of February for 5 days! So leading up to our departure I was busy-busy packing and shopping for clothes (or course)!  Here are a few highlights from our trip:

Another big event that happened on our little getaway is that my boyfriend became my fiancé!! Here I am posing with my beautiful new ring…

And I here's a better look of my purple eyeshadow  :)
Needless to say since returning from our cruise on the 13th our lives have been a little bit of a whirlwind and it has been fantastic!  The good news is I’m going to have lots of festivities to attend, which means lots of fun makeup looks to plan and post! So get excited makeup lovers!

I hope all is well with everyone, and I’m super excited to be posting again!  If you are interested in seeing our road to the alter you can follow our wedding instagram, @CandKTieTheKnot, for more fun pictures of what’s going on!

For the love beauty & exciting updates,
…Casey B

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  1. I'm coming back to your blog after a long time, how exciting! Congratulations and wish you all the best!