Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Balm

Back in January I purchased a handful of The Balm products from  If you aren’t familiar with HauteLook, it’s a website that has daily specials on all types of products.  They usually have 1 or 2 beauty related specials everyday so you can find and try out new products at discounted prices!

This is actually the second time I racked up on products from The Balm (thanks HauteLook!), and I have truly loved everything I’ve purchased.  The brand isn’t sold in stores around me; except for every now and then I’ll find a few random products at a TJ Maxx.  However the brand is showing up on even though I don’t recall seeing it in my Sephora.  So keep your eyes peeled if you are interested!

I thought I’d do a little post to spread the word about this brand because as of right now it’s not one of the most well-known beauty brands out there.  So it’s time to share the love for this brand of products because I reach for them daily when doing my own makeup!

First of all here’s a look at the products that I have purchased with a list of how much they were on HauteLook versus regular price in stores or at
TimeBalm Concealer $9 (reg. $18)
Overshadows $7.50 (reg. $15)
Liquid TimeBalm Spot Concealer $10 (reg. $20)
Down Boy Blush $10.50 (reg. $21)
BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer $12.50 ($25)
Balms Away Eye Makeup Breakup $10 (reg. $20)
Mary-Lou Manizer $12 (reg. $24)
Frat Boy Blush $10.50 (reg. $21)
Time Balm Face Primer $15 (reg. $30)
Bahama Mama Bronzer $9.50 (reg. $19)

Of course the first impressions for this brand are an A++ because the packaging is beyond cute.  If you follow me on Instagram (@CaseyMBarlow) you’ll probably recognize the picture below because I posted it soon after receiving my order in the mail.  Can the packaging be any cuter?! I mean really.

I’m not going to talk about each one of these products because this post would quickly turn into a mini novel.  I’ve picked out my top three products to review today, but if you are interested in any of the others not mentioned leave a comment below and I’ll try and answer any questions you may have about them!

Up first are the Overshadow singles.  These babies are my favorite things from my purchases.  The website describes them as “The first finely milled all mineral shimmer designed to go over your eyeshadow.”   All four shades are gorgeous, very pigmented, and look great over shadows or even on their own! There are only 4 shades in this product and I would recommend all of them!  Because they are so finely milled and not chunky glitter, they can also double as a face highlighter.  I purchased these just because the colors were neutral and I thought I would get a lot of use out of them, I had no idea how shimmery they would actually be.  Because the shimmer is so fine, they will still photograph beautifully unlike regular glitter applied over shadows.  They are gorgeous! Now, if only there were more colors…

Up next is the Liquid TimeBalm Spot Concealer with Tea Tree Oil.  If you read my skincare post you can probably guess why I would love this product.  Tea tree oil is “a naturally purifying antibacterial, soothes blemished skin while creamy concealer smoothes imperfections and covers redness.”  So basically it treats while covering blemishes! It smells just like tea tree oil (which I like but some may not), and it covers beautifully without becoming dry or flaky throughout the day.  Usually when I have a breakout I have a little inner battle deciding whether to cover it or not.  I want to cover it because it will make the blemish less noticeable, but at the same time I don’t want to put makeup on it because I feel like it could make the breakout even worse or last longer.  Problem solved! A treatment and concealer all in one—genius!

And last but not least another really unique product.  I truly have nothing else like this one.  It’s The Balms Away Eye Makeup Breakup, which is an eye makeup remover.  It comes in a round tin, and the unique part about this product is that it’s a solid!  All you do is rub your fingers on the product, massage it on your eyes to break up the makeup, and then use a cotton pad or towel to simply wipe it away!  It removes every bit of makeup without leaving an oily residue on the skin.  Glitters, waterproof eyeliners, eyelash glue…I’ve tested it with everything!  It’s very gentle and non-irritating to the eyes and removes the makeup with little effort.  (This is really important because you should never be pulling or tugging on your delicate eye area.) I love this stuff!

Have you tried any of The Balm’s products?!  What are your favorites?!  Do any of these products jump out at you?!

Beauty lovers LOVE finding new products, so hopefully you came across something new here.  If you try any of these out let me know what you think!  Also, keep an eye out for The Balm on HauteLook to purchase them 50% off.  Because the more you save the more you can buy, right?!

For the love of beauty and products that are The Balm,
…Casey B


  1. I haven't tried anything from The Balm yet, but I've had my eye on the Mary-Lou Manizer for some time now. I definitely think I'd have to get it from a website like HauteLook because I can't justify spending over $24 on a cheek highlighter (it's more expensive in Canada)! Thanks for sharing, these all look great :) xxx

    1. Hey Kori, thank you so much for commenting! I know what you mean--it's always nice when you can get something or half off! If you sign up for HauteLook they'll email you daily with the sales that are going on. That way you won't miss it! Let me know what you think when you get your hands on it!! 😊