Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5 Essential {Eyeshadow} Brushes

I’ve mentioned before that having good makeup brushes and primers make all the difference in the world as far as makeup application goes.  I still believe that if you are going to invest in your makeup collection that you should start with those two things.  Yep, even over actual makeup!
 Selecting the right makeup brushes can be a little tricky, especially when you are just starting out.  Which ones do you actually need?  What do you use them for?  Well, I’ll tell you!  Below are my top 5 brushes to complete any eye look.  These brushes are the ones that EVERY girl should own, and not just one of each—I would suggest multiples of each of these brushes! 
1. flat eyeshadow brush
This is the brush used for “packing on” eyeshadow to give the most color payoff.  Load up this brush with the shadow and pat it onto the eye, don’t sweep it.  This is the best way to build up a lid color or to apply color under the brow bone.  I would avoid using this brush in the crease of the eye because it is not good for blending.  (Unless you are doing some kind of cut crease look, but that’s a different story.) 
2. fluffy crease brush
These are my most used brushes.  I use them to apply a light dusting of color all over the lid, to blend colors together and most importantly to apply the crease color to the eyes.  Depending on your lid space you may need to look for a larger or smaller fluffy brush—but they all work the same! You can even use these brushes to blend out concealer under the eyes, over blemishes, or even to apply highlighter to different areas of the face!
3. angled eyeliner brush
I always have at least two of these on hand at all time.  The first one is used for all types of eyeliners- applying a precise gel liner, smoothing out a pencil liner for a softer look, and even applying dark shadows along the upper and lower lash line as a liner.  The second one is used for applying a shadow to the brows.  Having 2 angled brushes is important because you don’t want to accidently apply the remnants of your black gel liner to your brows!  Talk about a disaster…
4. pencil brush
This is also another multiuse brush! This is the perfect brush for smudging.  Smudge out your pencil liner on your top and lower lash line for a less precise lined look (hello, rocker!), or even apply shadows of any color to the lower lash line with it.  These detail brush is also perfect for applying the inner corner highlight to your eyes and placing your darker outer V color to the lid.  NOTE:  If you’ve ever felt like your makeup looks are becoming too muddy and colors are getting places where you don’t want them—try using this smaller brush to place the shadow exactly where you want, then gently blend it out with the fluffy brush.
5. synthetic concealer brush
This one may or may not surprise some of you, but I think it’s the perfect little brush for applying cream products to the lid. Synthetic brushes work best with cream and liquid textured products, so use them to apply your eye shadow bases (paint pots, color tattoos, any cream base etc.), then blend out the edge with the fluffy brush to keep from having a harsh line.  Also if you’re into glitter (who’s not?!) this brush will also be your best friend in the efforts to keep the glitter in the area you want it and not all over the rest of your face.
NOTE:  If you are on the hunt for some new eye shadow brushes, I would recommend buying single brushes instead of the eye makeup “brush kits.”  These kits usually come with a few miscellaneous brushes that can be a little bit of a waste (in my opinion).  Once you have a good collection of brushes like the ones listed above, then branch out and try some others.
If you want to know what brush lines I like and would recommend, and also how to clean them properly check out this post.
This post was pretty basic but I hope some of you found it helpful!  Let me know what you think, or if there is an eye brush that you can’t live without that I didn’t mention.  Should I do a "5 Essential {Face} Brushes" post?!  Let me know in the comments below or on my facebook page.
For the love of beauty and basics,
…Casey B